An Invitation

Loving Awareness invites you to come home to the Illuminated Nature of Your BEing.
Now. More than ever before, it is time.

In this ever present now, it is time to awaken,
to make the choice to create and live your most radiant,
happy, healthy, whole life … and encourage others to do the same.

Loving Awareness is … a state of BEing
Loving Awareness is … an empowered choice

Join together with us in co-creating a world where Loving Awareness is the prevailing choice.

...It begins within the hearts of each one of us.


What is Our Mission?

Our mission is to serve and guide, through the Light of Love within us.

Our mission is to live in Loving Awareness while encouraging others to do the same.

It is our joyful and sincere intention that through sharing our transformational guidance sessions, experiential practices and celebratory gatherings, we will support and inspire the wave of awakening that is ushering us all into an ever-expanding state of Loving Awareness on this planet.

In Loving Awareness, we know the power of choosing to see all that is within us, and all that surrounds us, through the eyes of Source, in the Light of Love.

Can you imagine the magnitude of choosing to navigate all of life in Loving Awareness?

Come, let’s create Loving Awareness into being … Together!

In the Light of Love,

Debra and Mark Gehrke
Your Loving Awareness Guides

Living in Loving Awareness inspires a deeper sense of belonging – of interconnectedness.

Living in Loving Awareness calls us out of the shadows and into the Illuminated Nature of Our BEings.

Living in Loving Awareness means seeing the Beauty in all … and creating Beauty in all.

Living in Loving Awareness invites us to live in the Light of Love, while encouraging others to do the same.

Your Loving Awareness Guides ~ Debra and Mark Gehrke

Our passion has always been to uplift, inspire and engage others in bringing their most illuminated nature forward.

Over the course of our almost 30 years together, we’ve had the blessing of many avenues to express our passion and purpose – always striving to touch hearts and inspire positive growth and change.

Every step we’ve taken, every experience we’ve had, has led us to this pivotal point of sharing Loving Awareness with you all.

We are so eager to meet and serve you in the Light of Love!

Together, we bring over 60 years of committed higher consciousness life practices, studies and experiences with us as we continue to evolve and grow right along with you.

We know what it is to walk the talk, and we know what it is to stumble. We know what it is to love all … no matter what, and we know the challenge that can be.

Every experience is an invitation to draw us closer to the fullest expression of our Illuminated Nature. We embrace all, in the Light of Love.

We bring our hearts full of love and our deep desire to share with you that which we know can be supportive and enriching to your experience as you journey forward on your own paths of awakening in Loving Awareness.

Please, join us… in the Light of Love. Let’s journey together!

We Offer:

High Vibe Life Guidance Sessions –

Loving Awareness Sessions go straight to the heart, rising above the mundane and reaching for the highest illuminated potential within you. Intuitively guided, each session is customized to and guided by your personal uniqueness.
Learn more about High Vibe Life Guidance

Love Your Voice ~ Sacred Sound Sessions –

Soul Sound Sessions guide you toward your most authentic voice, encouraging you to center in your Truth and radiate your Love Power through your own unique Soul Sound Signature.

This is a participatory sound healing experience.

Learn more about Sacred Sound Sessions

Infinity's Calling ~ Personal Message from the Love Field –

Would you like to receive your very own vibrational Love Note from The Voice of the Cosmic Soul? These messages are high vibrational guidance based, steeped in the Light of Love. They are highly inspirational and transformational…healing, powerful and deeply meaningful for each individual who receives them.

Learn more about Personal Messages from the Love Field

Loving Awareness Yoga ~ Personalized Sessions –

Imagine a one on one yoga session where your uniqueness is held in reverence…

Loving Awareness Yoga is all about you. Discover Freedom and Flexibility that flows into all aspects of your life – mind, body, and spirit. Personal Loving Awareness Yoga ~ It’s PLAY for your soul.

Learn more about Personal Yoga Sessions

Loving Awareness Yoga Group Practice & Love Field Reflection –

Open and inviting to all, we create a Love Field for group practice where you feel supported and encouraged no matter where you are on your journey in Loving Awareness. The practices center on fostering a deeper relationship with your inner consciousness and well-being, thereby illuminating your greatness and inspiring you to shine your Light of Love with courage, purpose and joy in every aspect of your life.

Learn more about Loving Awareness Yoga

Loving Awareness in Business –

Let us help you apply Loving Awareness principles within your business practices.

With over 25 years successfully leading new paradigm higher consciousness business practices, we can guide you toward the fulfillment of success in business that is solidly built on leading with core authenticity and Loving Awareness. This is business consulting taken to a new level of consciousness, growing your business with heart and soul.

Celebratory Gatherings –

Mantra Yoga, Kirtan, Equinox, Solstice, Full Moon, Yogic Lifestyle PLAYshops & Cooking Classes, Radiance Retreats...and more! Inquire if you’d like us to create a celebratory gathering for you and your beloveds!

Watch our events page for upcoming gatherings.

(Customized Group Sessions also available, ask for details)

All are positively inspired, super transformational, and filled with feel good discoveries.

Get in touch today to start your High Vibe Loving Awareness journey!

Mark and Debra are 100% x Infinity committed to their daily practice of living in Loving Awareness – growing and evolving, expanding ever more fully into the Light of Love they were born to be.

Their passion is guiding others to do the same.

“Like a Lighthouse, we do our best to beam LIGHT on the path that lies before you, encouraging you to step forward, into your full radiance. Together, we LIGHT up the world with LOVE.”
~ Debra, Loving Awareness Guide

About Debra

Debra Gehrke is a High Vibe Life Guide, Channel for Infinity and The Voice of the Cosmic Soul, Mantra Music Artist, Kundalini Yoga Lover, Ayurvedic-Vegetarian-Clean-Eating Foodie, Joy Bringer and Lover of Living Life in Loving Awareness.

She is also a beloved wife, mother, sister, auntie, daughter, friend...goddess!

Living in harmony with nature, surrounded and supported by all living beings...trees, flowers, waters, food as medicine, feathered, finned, furry … two legged, four leggeds – all integral to Debra’s tuned in love of life in Loving Awareness.

Her journey in Loving Awareness has been blessed with successful conscious entrepreneurship, loyal client followings, deep studies and practices with leading spirituality, intuition, well-being, Ayurvedic, sound healing, soul purpose and consciousness teachers and masters.

Along with Debra’s life studies and experiences, she continues to steep in her abiding love for her daily practice, committing to expanding ever more fully into the radiant Light of her being.

In addition to Debra’s Guidance Offerings at Loving Awareness, she is a Heart-Consciousness-in-Business Consultant and a gifted copywriter, helping others to share their story with passion and purpose both online and face-to-face.