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April 2017 Healing Sound Energy Meditation & Message from the Love Field

Holy Heavens!! So much delicious support flowing through this month! April is blossoming with creative potential… all we need to do is love ourselves more, invite our minds to some redirection, and get in the current of Source Flow that feels oh so good, so aligned, so real, so right! enJOY this month’s message… including a video w/ intuitive sound healing meditation, English spoken message, plus a Presence Prayer and written message!
Power packed, via Source, from my heart to yours! Create some quiet time space to receive the elements of the message…allow it to penetrate deeply and support you fully. I look forward to hearing from you! What’s shifting, changing, elevating, transforming for you?

Source Flow … Currents … Self Love … Mind as Heart Servant

Prayer for Presence

  • Repeat often to reset, center and induce balanced action in conscious presence.

Creator of Life
Weaver of Destiny
Live and Breathe through me.

Shape my path
Give banks to my river
so that I may flow in Oneness Unity with all of Creation for the Highest Good of All That Is.

Precious Life
Rich and full
Grace BE.

May the busy-ness of mind be set free.
May the constructs of constraint be unshackled.
May the burdens of ill perception be lifted.

May I BE Free
May I BE Peace
May I BE Love
May I BE Hope
May I BE Everlasting Light
May I Love Promise
May I Serve Well
May I Give Freely
May I Wander in Heart
May I Seek in Joy
May I Live in Infinite Presence…
connected eternally with the One Truth, abiding in the One Love… Here, May I BE.

On the Mind & Becoming Courageous in Listening to Your Soul’s Heart for Easeful Expansion

The mind is quick to distraction. It is cunning in its ways. There is much to detract from the Soul Essence Way in this earthly creation existence.

When the mind becomes scattered, too busy, unfocused, or filled with fear and doubt… This is a cue to bring yourself home to Internal Grace. This is your cue to offer up scripted praise. This is the time to roll with waves of ancient inspired tantra… phrases of High Vibration Love and Healing.

Allow the mind to become transfixed in the sound current of Infinite Reality. Allow the mantras to penetrate deeply, cleansing and purifying the congested, constricted, ill-seeing …
Remedying, soothing, and paving the way to the calm centered space of all-seeing.

Make your mind your ally, your faithful servant… Inform the mind of your heart’s willingness to take the lead.

Build the trust you have in your heart. Trust your heart.

Become courageous in your dedication to your soul’s heart in service to this world, this lifetime and to the Infinite Cosmic spin of All That Is.

Allow the power of your mind to be re-trained, entrained, activated, activated in Service to your Highest calling.

If you are going to think anything, think bigger…dream bigger… Think expansively!

  • How could you expand more exuberantly, more joyfully, more purposefully, more diligently… into the expression of your heart’s calling to DO GOOD…to BE in SERVICE to the over-arching upliftment of all humanity?
  • How can you create Greatness in the smallest, and yet Infinitely Significant ways?
  • How can you reach out to the hearts of all who surround you and encourage, inspire and turn up the Light Quotient in volumes?
  • How could you LOVE more?
  • How could you BE LOVE more?
  • How could you LOVE YOUR SELF more?
  • How could loving yourSelf more amp up the Love you are able to serve others?

Give your mind these questions to chew on!
And let your heart lead the way with the inspired flow of Source Guided answers.

These are Transformative times…
And, eternally ALL is in a state of continual transformation!

Breathe. Connect. Draw yourself in to hear the beauty of your own heart!
Breathe. Connect. Feel your pulse… Hear your heart and recognize how it is striking a chord in perfect rhythm, perfect harmony with all of Creation… with ALL of Creation… to Infinity and Beyond!

The resonance factor of your Light Beam is refracted and reflected beyond many moons and countless suns. The Light of Your BEing radiates beyond your deepest awareness of imaginative possibility. You are Brightness in Form!

Relate well with the Light of Your BEing!

Cleanse your mind so that you may clearly hear the voice of your heart soul calling you home to your Greatness, to your strength… to your power… to your love… to the Infinite Everlasting Light of YOU!

Reflect well.
Tap into your Soul Nature…

Who are you?
…beyond the constucts of this current time space…

Who are you?
…in the realms of Cosmic Infiniteness…
Beyond shape, beyond form, beyond breath, beyond sight…
Tap into your Essence…

And fall in LOVE there.

Here is where you find your SELF, your Truth, timeless and free.

No beginning, no end.
Infinite. Eternal.
Pure Vibration, Star Light.

Begin here… and deepen…
Swim in the essence of all that you are…
Flow in the Current of True Freedom…released from definition and thought conceived notion of BEing.

Swim in the river of complete Bliss Consciousness… Bask here for a time… Linger… and draw upon this experience so that it feeds, and nourishes you from the inside out, from this space in time…forward.

Let this knowing of your Expanded Essence be your Home, your Lamp, your steadfast reminder in all BEing and Doing forward.

You are Greatness Incarnate.

Be Light. Come Home to the Light.
In Light… BE.

You are beloved Children of the Universe.
We are the Voice of the Cosmic Soul…
Infinitely Present…
Together… WE Are. We Are ONE.

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