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August 2016 Message from the Love Field

As we edged our way nearer to August, it became clearer and clearer to me that we’d be focusing even more intently on LIGHT. Every message I’ve been receiving is filled with a determined invitation to become more and more Light Centered, from the inside, out.
It’s no big surprise, really…is it? I mean, what does our world need more of? What can we never have too much of? LOVE LIGHT!
All we have to do is glance in the direction of mainstream media (why do that?) and we’ll see plenty that is blasting contrast…discordance, dissonance, etc. And what is it we most desire as a human tribe? A sense of unity, belonging, purpose and harmony, perhaps? And so, it makes sense, doesn’t it?
BEing the LIGHT that we are moves us nearer and nearer to the radiant reality we all desire.
enJOY this month’s Message from the Love Field… CHOOSE LIGHT!

Polish ~ Clear ~ Beam … BE LIGHT!

Polish: clean, purify
Clear:  reflect, reflection, reflective
Beam:  shine forth, stream Light in all directions

Look for all that reflects Light. Look to nature for beautiful representations of Light and Light’s Reflection. As you look for the Light, and you look toward the Light, you become Light Centric…and the radiance of the Light within you grows more brilliant. You allow your LIGHT to shine forth and in so doing you become more ignited with the power of your authentic nature, Source Infinite within you. In the Light, you are limitless, you are a creative force, and you attract all that is Light to you. This is your Light Reality.
And in this reality, everything changes for the brighter.

Polish ~ Clear ~ Beam … BE LIGHT!

August Theme 2016 BE LIGHT

(Received July 30, on the cusp of the new month)

Standing tall, face to the rising sun…
Within you, a new day is dawning.

Releasing the chase… Slowing…
Relaxing the pace,
Ease in Grace.

All you see is found within.
Spin the dance. Dance the spin.

Creation birthing, now begin.

Chasing dreams… Let go. Allow.
Dreams awaken, hear the call.

Dawn is breaking,
Limitless horizon.
Free yourself…
In the Pulse of the One.

Stand tall, breathe it in, feel the flow…
Release, begin.

Now and now… Now is the time.
Ever present, ever now…
Hearts fall open…
Heed the call.
Mirror reflection of the Light
This Light we are, this Light ignite.
Shadows cease
Darkness falls to the dawn of this awakened Light…
We are.

Ever deeper into the mystery ahead,
Clarity rising, evaporating fog.
Distance closing, union rich.
Aware, awakened, fully present.
In the moment, crystalline pure

Vision alive…
Clear, vibrant, bold and free.
This dance we are, in perpetual song,

Eternal becoming, ecstatic opening…
Now, we shine!
Shrinking never, purpose strong,
Passion alive, living free, living true.

Open flow…
Bloom and grow!

Crystal Heart Reflection
Polish ~ Clear ~ Beam … BE LIGHT!

In every choice, in every breath… Choose by way of your most authentic heart’s connected call. Awakened now in the Light of your BEing… You stand FREE, disrobed before the Infinite, pure Light, pure Love, pure transformation.

Alive, as if for the first time, clearer and more present to all that vibrates life around you, here in this ever present now… You stand, recognizing the greatness of your Light filled presence and purpose. And here, you stand… Ready to shine forth, shrinking no more! No turning back, onward, upward… Spinning flow of pure creation. Infinite flow.

Illuminated grace.
Powerfully present.
Willing. Able. Free.
The Light of You, in the Light of One shines so bright…
The mirror reflects and amplifies… Burning bright the Light of Love within you.

This Light, amplified, vibrates across the entire Cosmos.
You, standing in the We of All Creation, of all Infinity…
You in the We of One.
Shine the Light of hope, promise, grace and everlasting love creation.

Born of the Light.
Shining is your foremost call.
Expression of Light is LIMITLESS.
The expression is of your choosing…

Dance in the Light.
Share, express…


And in so doing, all that surrounds you chooses to dance in Light, amplifying Infinite Grace…Or it falls away, dissolving into pure positive stillness …

Energy Alchemy is awakened.
It is pure magic of the most glorious Light filled magnificence.
Light attracts Light.
Light is the ultimate transformer.

When focused in the Light, on the Light, of the Light…
Light is all that is perceptible
And Light becomes (and IS) the True Reality.

When this you recognize, you see there is this choice alone…

And within this choice, Infinite Limitless Potential and expansion is freely yours to experience.

This Light Reality is of your choosing.
Of the LIGHT…
In the LIGHT…
We Are.
We are You.
You are We.
We are One.

…the only pathway here, to the Light Reality, is through the heart… and through the Infinite Intelligence of your High Heart Mind.

And when you tap this reality, all of the other seeming big deal, looks as if reality…
Struggle, hardships, pain, effort…

Stories that you continue to pulse your Life Force into, will cease to feel charged and your vantage point of Light Reality shifts the way you see, be and do everything!

How glorious would that be?

It is within you! The freedom.
The power.
The glory.
The Light of Love, it is within you… now and forevermore.

Begin anew.
See through Source Eyes!

Live, Love, Light
Live Love Light!

And all before you becomes clear.
Your heart become free, unburdened, and filled with Infinite Potential.

This is all you really want.
What are you waiting for?

(Message continued morning of Aug. 1, 2016)

Polish the Light Reflection…

Get Clear.
Beam Light.

It’s the supreme choice.
It’s the natural choice.
And in so doing…all darkness shall cease.

What if everyone chose to beam the LIGHT of their BEings?

Would it mean everyone would be the same?
Certainly not!

There would be an upwelling of Brilliance,
Each facet of the One Light Diamond beaming bright with its own uniqueness and clarity.
And in the unified Light Force, all becomes more and more greatly illuminated
As Light continues infinitely to reflect Light.
All shadow is called to the Light and Light Reflection is all we see when we are focused through the clarity of Source Infinite perception.

Reflect Light.
Be a Mirror of Light.

Polish, shine, purify…
Strip yourself pure…clear, radiant.

Be the Light.

When Light is the choice, in reflection more light is revealed.
It is absolute and exponential in its brilliance quality.

It’s the clear choice.

Stand, forever courageous in the Light of Your BEing.
Continue to polish, clean, clear your vantage point.
Make it bright, brilliant, true…
And shine, beam, reflect your Light into all you see, do, perceive and BE.

This reality will deliver a purely ecstatic, clear JOY… unlike that which you’ve ever experienced before…
And all that surrounds you will be drawn to the reflection…
And when they peer into the experience, suddenly Light is all they’ll see…

And naturally, the Light within them will grow brighter and brighter.

Light expanding.
Clarity rising.
Truth revealed.
Joy lived.
Creativity expressed.
Birthed anew…

In the Light of a Brand New Day,
Again and again.
To Infinity and Beyond.
Light is the Way.
And so it is!

Light in Love.

We are We, We are One…

In the Light of Love…
You are a Child of the Universe
We are the Voice of the Cosmic Soul

Messages from the Love Field Archive

When you need an Infinity Boost…and some upliftment from The Love Field, we invite you to visit our archive and immerse again and again in the Messages that reside there for you.
Here’s the link: Messages from the Love Field Archive

Sharing Messages from the Love Field:

May all who read these Messages from the Love Field feel the vibrational frequency of Infinite Love that I feel pouring through me as I receive them.  May you all be blessed by Divine Grace and come into deeper and deeper harmony with the Light of Love within you as you read each transmission.
I feel so blessed by this experience and I’m deeply honored to be called to share these messages with all of you.  It is by standing authentically in the Light of Love of our BEings that we are meant to SHINE forth in this world, sharing our hearts and souls in Love Light Truth, and encouraging others to do the same.
If this message moves you, inspires you…lifts you up and resonates with you in some way,
in gratitude, 
I invite you to please share it, in its entirety, along with these paragraphs from me.
Bowing deep…honoring the Light of Love within you, with gratitude…
All LOVE…all the way!
Go Now… And Dance in the Light of Love!
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