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Breathe Into Transformation ~ Set Yourself Free

Message from the Love Field 

Channelling received by Debra on November 10, 2015 

…what is it that you will let die?

…what is it that you will let fall away?

It’s in the dying that we open to rebirth.

Shed the skin of your past.

Shed Your Skin ~ Allow Rebirth & Transformation
Shed Your Skin ~ Set Yourself Free ~ Allow Transformation

Allow the energy of the ancients to smooth and soothe it into the faded periphery…
It is not gone.
Nothing is ever gone.
Every single breath, every action, every thought is still trailing on the W
ind of Eternity.

There is no need for fear of losing something.  Fear will never serve.

Let it go.
Set yourself free.
Loosen the shackles that self-imposed, bind the heart.  

Free yourself – no more held in the bondage of old stories, history … that which no longer serves.  

It is time.  You are being fully supported in the letting go.  

Shed your skin.
Transformation is at hand.

There is no beginning and no end… only an Infinite Continuum…

There will always be parts of ourselves that we kiss tenderly goodbye in deep, abiding gratitude… as we release and set free that which is no longer alive within us.

Holding on to that which is not vibrantly alive is like asking the rest of us to slowly die too.  

We don’t die.
Nothing does.
nd there is that which is not vibrating with aliveness, that which is not a vital match to our becoming.  

Why would we hold on to such things?
Why? …when in the releasing a space is opened for the Infinite to pour newness through.
Why? …when the divine is pulsing with rebirth, alive and available in this ever present now.

Lift your awareness higher… and higher!

What is it that you are clinging to?

What would you see, know, feel, BE… if you just let go?

What if you trusted the immediate elevation, the immediate transformation and allowed it to be real?  

What if the only shift necessary was to shift the thoughts you continue to spin ‘round your psyche?

What if complete freedom was a breath away … and the path there is in the space between the breaths ~ the space of no thing – no space – no form – the Space of Infinity?

What if you danced in the space between the breaths and began to recognize the gifts – the clarity that awaits you there?

What if you became so attuned to your breath as it flows in and out of your being body that you could behold the Grace that resounds in Truth there?

Quiet Yourself.

What is the Mantra of Love that rides on your breath?

What is the Message of Infinity that pulses within you?

Breathe into the possibility that you already know…

Breathe into the rhythm of your soul.

YOU are Infinity Becoming.

Infinity becoming Real in this manifest form.  

Shed your skin 

Breathe deep

Allow transformation 

Nurture the Nature of your BEing.

Turn, turn, turn… again and again…  

Dance, spin yourself into ecstasy!

…in the stillness again… LOOK – vibrating alive – it’s YOU.

Cherish the cycles.

Celebrate your Divinity.

We are infinitely here to to remind you of the call of your soul to its Illuminated Greatness.

You are a Child of the Universe.

We are the Voice of the Cosmic Soul.

Sharing Messages from the Love Field:

May all who read these Messages from the Love Field feel the vibrational frequency of Infinite Love that I feel pouring through me as I receive them.  May you all be blessed by Divine Grace and come into deeper and deeper harmony with the Light of Love within you as you read each transmission.
I feel so blessed by this experience and I’m deeply honored to be called to share these messages with all of you.  It is by standing authentically in the Light of Love of our BEings that we are meant to SHINE forth in this world, sharing our hearts and souls in Love Light Truth, and encouraging others to do the same.
If this message moves you, inspires you…lifts you up and resonates with you in some way,
in gratitude, 
I invite you to please share it, in its entirety, along with these paragraphs from me.
Bowing deep…honoring the Light of Love within you, with gratitude…
All LOVE…all the way!
Go Now… And Dance in the Light of Love!
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