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Call Toward Higher Truth, Activate Love Light Potential, True Liberation

August Message from the Love Field

As we turn the page on another month, the energies continue to spiral, building in strength and momentum, amplifying the message to another level, another degree of potency. August brings us a month of heightened power and intensity…with a series of eclipses to amplify it all. It’s up to each of us how we choose to navigate these passages. Let’s be conscious, actively engaging our Higher Heart in our choosing…
Source continues to convey to us that this year (this time space reality of now) is about Transformation … in the LIGHT.
And, if we are to Transform in the Light, we must be in our Truth.
And to be in our Truth, we must be awake, aware and connected to the higher Source Infinite essence of who and what we really are.
And in order to be connected to the Source Infinite essence of who and what we really are, we must allow, we must agree, we must open to acknowledging and owning that we are Source Light, that we are Light Incarnate, that we are ONE with All That Is…that we are always, in all ways, connected…in harmony, in union, in accordance with Source Infinite Supreme.
When we can begin to navigate more purpose-fully and more intent-fully (with full intent and purpose) from this vantage point of realized Source Light, the Truth within us is set free, all that surrounds us becomes clear for what it is. We begin to see through Source eyes, through the eyes of Love Light beaming, the path before us.
From our vantage point of Love Light Truth, we can see the good in all… We can recognize where we can lean into greater alignment. We can discern which direction will serve our highest good, and the cells of our BEing Bodies tingle in resonant feel good agreement.
In these times, it becomes more and more (at times painfully, on any or all levels) obvious where we need to refocus and shift our awareness and our attention.
Equally so, in these times, it becomes more and more (at times ecstatically, on any or all levels) obvious where we are most aligned and where it feels good to continue to focus our energy, awareness and attention.
Source reminds us that agreeing to recognize and honor these awarenesses is key.

And now… In Direct Channel from Source:

Becoming attuned to the subtle nuances of your awareness —
Fine tuning yourselves as the Divine Instruments that you are —
Listening inward with an honest, open, receptive honoring and respect —
Being willing to hear the call of your Source Light inviting you toward your greatest potential, your most daring unfolding —
These are the keys, the practices, the shifts that require your allowing… And in the allowing of creating space for these energies, your inner-Light amplifies and your path forward illuminates in ease and grace.

It’s time to release all that you’ve chosen to accumulate as your identity through experiences, relationships, circumstances and ill-serving thought forms and beliefs. It’s time to shed the cloak of identity that covers and shields your omnipotent Light potential.

Your Greatness is awaiting its revelation! This Greatness comes forth in grace and humility and simultaneously with immense power and fortitude.

You are your Chosen One.
You are your Truth.
You are your Power.
You are your Light.
You are… the ONE you’ve been waiting for!

The Call to Your Love Light Truth Within

The invitation toward greater Light and greater Truth will not fade. It does not expire. In fact, it will continue to grow in its steadfast call. The sooner you heed the call … the sooner you accept the invitation … the more you will feel as though you’ve just accepted the greatest reward you could ever receive, as you will feel at once and ever more uplifted … as though you are now riding the current of Infinite Potential you were born to ride!

You will feel elated at the on-purposeness of the most mundane and the most grand of details that orchestrate your co-creative experience. You will feel at ONE with the cosmic pulse. You will feel inspired beyond belief. You will look to each new day with renewed vigor and joyful promise. You will FEEL alive! You will FEEL whole! You will FEEL expansive! You will FEEL Infinity coursing through you…as you. THIS IS REAL. This is REALity! This is YOUR REALity!

Have you accepted the invitation? Moment to moment, breath by breath, it is of your choosing to accept, to align, to allow…
What will you allow?
Will you align with your Highest Authority?
Will you choose your Divinity over all else?
What would happen if you took responsibility for your Light … for your Divinity … for your Truth … before all else? …and as you did, magic happened?

Inner Peace, Joy, Bliss, Courage, Fortitude, Forthrightness, Honor, Grace, Purpose, Passion, Clarity, … These qualities are self-birthed within you, through your Love Light Truth. All is revealed … through your LIGHT. …through the expansion of your LIGHT.

Are you prepared to RISE in Love Light Truth?
Are you willing to BE who and what you really are?
Will you accept the invitation of your Source Infinite’s calling?
Are you ready to fully awaken?
Are you ready to fully awaken to the Love Light Truth within?
Who are you, when stripped of your self-imposed identity?
Who are you, when the Love Light Truth within you is the all-pervading Source Infinite Force?

These are the questions Source would have us ponder and deepen to…
There is an undeniable Truth within us … Calling us Home to the Love Light Truth of who and what we really are. There is no greater invitation to accept while walking together in this earth realm. Accepting will make all the difference in the world!

Imagine. Imagine everyone accepting this invitation. What would happen?
And now… let go of the imagining and step into your own Love Light Truth REALity.

Allow. Align. Let it BE. Take care of your own reality.
Dust off your own path. Pave your way forward, through the LIGHT within you.
Be your Truth. Trust your Truth. Live your Light. Live your Love.
Tend to your gardens of inner growth and expansion. Water your seeds, dreams birthed of Love Light, awaiting their unfolding. Bear the fruitful harvest of synergized Love Light creation.
Walk in the Light. Talk in the Light. Trust in the Light. … and the LIGHT shall BE.

Light IS. You are Light. Light Is.
Choose Light. The choice is yours.

August Guided Meditative Transmission & Attunement:

Allow the following words to support you as powerful energetic, vibrational codes (for that they are!) which will help to release what needs releasing, balance what needs balancing, awaken what needs awakening, shift what needs shifting, and further ignite your conscious recognition of Source Infinite Love Light Truth within you, as YOU…

Turn yourself toward the Light.
Bathe yourself in reflected pools of shimmering moonlight.
Walk your feet upon the earth, grass wet, kissed with electrically charged, Light infused dew.
Turn your face to the rising sun and feel Infinity rising within you.
You are the Light of the World.

Each brand new day that dances across your timeline is a brilliant reminder to shine brighter.
As you slumber, the Light within you contiues to shine, dancing beyond your dreams in the chorus of Light Infinite.

The Light within you cannot fade, it cannot grow dim, it will not retreat.
The Light within you is your Source.
It is undying, unchanging, radiant, free, born of the ONE Light.
The Light within you, is YOU!
See yourself in Light.
See yourself as Light.
Radiant. Bold. Illuminating. Free.

Grow in relationship with your Sun…
For it is a reflection of the Light within you.
The Light that you are burns brighter than a thousand suns.
See the Sun as it dances across the landscape, giving life, growing beauty, sharing warmth, beaming bold and free…
The Light within you, as YOU, is meant to do the same.

See yourself in the Stars, for you are one with the Cosmic Light — Star Sisters and brothers you are.
Recognize yourself in the Stars — for their reflection reminds you that in the darkest of hours, the Star Light is at its greatest potential.
Star Power, Radiant Sun, reflect your Light.
Be Bold. Be Bright. Be FREE!

Illuminate the shadows. Cast away the darkness.
Shine. Rise! Rise and Shine.
This is not the time to hide in the shadows of your dim lit way.
Now is the time to tap into your courage, to connect with your bravery, to draw on your Infinite Light Power.
Now is the time to Re-Source — Re-Charge — Ignite the awakened consciousness of your Light Power.

In this ever present, ever-evolving, ever-present-NOW — you must SHINE.
Rise in your Authority.
Rise in your Authenticity.
Rise in your Truth … All in the Light of Love.
Complete Liberation is yours as you RISE … Rise … RISE!

Rise in Love.
Rise in Light.
Rise in Truth.
Rise in Peace.

Dormancy creates stagnancy.
Stagnancy creates numbness.
Numbness creates an illusion of separation.
Awaken! RISE!

Experience connection as you never have before. Taste the sweetness of Pure Union within.
Dance in relationship with the Light within you, as you, and feel the electrical, kinesthetic charge of renewed purpose and inspiration.

Sleep no more!
Rest your physical BEing Body, surely… But, remember the Light within you is eternally awake — Effortlessly awake … fully and completely awake to the All That Is.
YOU are the LIGHT.
This LIGHT is YOU.
Fully awake. Fully connected. Fully charged. Fully present. Fully online.
Connect. Align. Rise!

Awaken to … awaken in the Truth of your Light.
Within you lie the answers you seek.
The Light reveals them all to you in grace and ease …
The hearing — is in your allowing.

Are you willing to hear the Light within you?
Are you willing to TRUST the Source Truth within you?

Go within. Tap Source Light within. And … RISE!
Speak your Truth. Share your Love! Beam your LIGHT!
See yourselves as you truly are … LIGHT Incarnate.

You are so much more than the cloak of identity that you allow the experience of the mundane to place upon yourself.
Your identity is LIGHT.
First and foremost — Your Identity is Source Infinite Light.

August Attunement ~

Repeat these statements upon rising and before sleeping daily through the month of August (and beyond) as a means of attuning to your Light Truth and integrating the highest vibrating energies of Transformation in the Light for your optimum benefit:

I Am awake in the Light.
I Am awake in the Light within me.
I Am Source Light.
Source Light I Am.
In the Light, I Source my Truth.
In the Light, I Am Free.
In the Light, I Am.
Light — I Am.
Here and now — I Am.
I speak my Truth in Love.
I speak my Truth in Light.
I speak my Truth in Truth.
I speak my Truth in Peace.
Light — I Am.
Here and now — I Am.
I walk my Truth in Love.
I walk my Truth in Light.
I walk my Truth in Truth.
I walk my Truth in Peace.
Light — I Am.
Here and now — I Am.
I live my Truth in Love.
I live my Truth in Light.
I live my Truth in Truth.
I live my Truth in Peace.
Light — I Am.
Here and now — I Am.
I Am Courageous.
I Am Brave.
Light — I Am.
Here and now — I Am.
I claim my right to RISE.
I claim my right to Rise and Shine.
NOW … I Rise.
NOW … I Shine.
I Am Love
I Am Light
I Am Truth
I Am Peace
Here and Now — I Am.

Life Guidance Sessions with Debra ~

If you feel your heart longing for more support, guidance and upliftment as you navigate your life’s journey, I am available for private sessions. (in person, locally or via the web, globally)
Now, more than ever, we need to feel supported as we grow and expand…consciously awakening in our Loving Awareness.  I’d be so honored to help guide your way on!
For more information, read about my sessions here

Messages from the Love Field Archive

When you need an Infinity Boost…and some upliftment from The Love Field, we invite you to visit our archive and immerse again and again in the Messages that reside there for you.
Here’s the link: Messages from the Love Field Archive

Sharing Messages from the Love Field:

May all who read these Messages from the Love Field feel the vibrational frequency of Infinite Love that I feel pouring through me as I receive them.  May you all be blessed by Divine Grace and come into deeper and deeper harmony with the Light of Love within you as you read each transmission.
I feel so blessed by this experience and I’m deeply honored to be called to share these messages with all of you.  It is by standing authentically in the Light of Love of our BEings that we are meant to SHINE forth in this world, sharing our hearts and souls in Love Light Truth, and encouraging others to do the same.
If this message moves you, inspires you…lifts you up and resonates with you in some way,
in gratitude, 
I invite you to please share it, in its entirety, along with these paragraphs from me.
Bowing deep…honoring the Light of Love within you, with gratitude…
All LOVE…all the way!
Go Now… And Dance in the Light of Love!
Loving Awareness Life Guide


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