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April 2017 Healing Sound Energy Meditation & Message from the Love Field

Holy Heavens!! So much delicious support flowing through this month! April is blossoming with creative potential… all we need to do is love ourselves more, invite our minds to some redirection, and get in the current of Source Flow that feels oh so good, so aligned, so real, so right! enJOY this month’s message…¬†including a […]

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Immense in the Pure Power ofLight Language Love (1)

Immerse in the Pure Power of Light Language Love

This channeled sung and spoken Light Language transmission was received LIVE during deep relaxation following our Loving Awareness Group Yoga & Meditation Practice. Receive the potent healing vibrations as you listen. Learn more about Light Language in the show notes below. Debra Gehrke is a High Vibe Life Guide and Channel for Infinity and The […]

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Light Language Nature

What is Light Language?

During my channeling transmissions over the last few months, I’ve felt sound vibrations coming through that are not immediately recognized as language we intellectually understand. This was at once a powerfully beautiful and curiously strange experience for me. How could something that felt so real, so distinct, so Light and Love filled, so known to […]

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