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December 2016 Message from the Love Field

It comes as no surprise that this month’s message meets most of us right where we are. Isn’t that most often the case? No matter where you’re located on this amazing planet, if you find yourself trying to make sense of the looks as if reality that surrounds you near and far…this message is for you.
If you’re looking for a rainbow, this message is for you. If you’re praying for change, this message is for you. If there’s a part of you that wants to feel better than you’re currently feeling…but you’re not sure how to get there, you may find the inspiration and direction you need here.
As a collective, we are entering a season of reverence, a season of gathering, a season centered on LOVE. Let us come together with unity and harmony in our hearts, service and gratitude in our hands and inspired love light in our souls.
No matter what the reason for the coming together, let the overriding energy of Love Light prevail. The transformation we are seeking is more readily accessed when we are centered in and focused on LOVE.
enJOY this month’s Message from the Love Field…
May it meet you where you are and take you higher…in Love Light! ~ Debra

Trust, Reach Out, Connect, Harmonize.
Alchemy and the Whispering Promise of Transformation are at Hand.

There is no greater moment to realize the promise within you than this.
There is no greater moment to realize the connected, collective union than this.

Friction creates heat.
Heat creates fire.
Fire creates transformation.

Where there is friction, contrast, gaps in understanding…there is potential, promise and space for resolution, evolution…real change. Transformation.

What is the Truth that your heart is calling you toward?

What if you chose Joy over pain and suffering?
What if you chose Grace over hopelessness and despair?
What if you chose Harmony over dissonance and separation?

Is there a part of you that turns away from this choosing because you feel to do so would in some way disarm, disrespect or negatively influence those around you whom are feeling hopeless or are suffering and in pain?

We invite you to perceive this in another way…
What if by making these choices, you shifted the momentum and created space for others to do the same? What if you changed the entire world for the better, simply in the choosing?

Do you believe this is possible?
It is.

Come Together! Share Your Uniqueness! Transform Your Reality!
Come Together, in Unity! Share Your Uniqueness, in Harmony! Transform Reality, in Alignment!

Every time you point your attention toward that which is (from your earthly, limited vantage point), not working, wrong, unjust, fraught with untruths and complicated dynamics that twist the reality as you know it into festering sores that reveal more of what is unwanted…
Every time you focus here, you are conjuring more of the same.

You could choose to play with us…experiment…see what could be different, see how the reality that surrounds you could change… Just as soon as your willingness to focus your attention differently shifts, so too will the reality (the vantage point from which you choose to see things) change.

You say to us: Yes, but…seriously…you think that it’ll do anyone any good if I turn my back on the strife that my brothers and sisters are facing and just look forward to some sunshine and roses and rainbows?
And we say to you: Yes! We promise you, it will do a world of good.

There is enough focus on what’s not working to create more of what’s not working for far too long into your foreseeable future. The fact that this is demonstrated all around you (if you choose to see it that way) is evidence enough. Is it not? We say it is.

You say to us: What good will it do for me to focus on what is working…what feels good…what is of the quality of that which I want more of? What good will this possibly do for those who are laden with troubles and despair?
We say to you: The good that it would do is irreproachable, exponential and real.

Firstly, you yourself will feel better in the making of this choice. You will feel lighter, brighter, more hopeful, more engaged, more frisky, more lit from within… And, as you feel this way, the feelings give way to inspiration and action…inspired action that will be part of the Unified Force of All Creation that lends to the transformation that you inherently seek.

Secondly, as you make these conscious choices…fueled by joy and forward focused inspired momentum…others surrounding you can’t help but note the high flying feeling of the energy that surrounds you and they catch wind of your sails and are momentarily uplifted…giving themselves a glimpse of this more aligned, ecstatically charged nature that is within them.

As a result, they may question their choices, they may become more aware of their own thought patterns and action patterns…they may ponder what a shift in perspective may do for them… And, through your inspired being…they too may feel the contagiousness of it and look toward the Light(er) side of All That Is.

Further, there is a collective harmonizing that is happening, without your even knowing it, that is shaping, alchemizing, transforming a new reality… You will not likely see these stories printed or covered in your mainstream media…mainstream media is still focused in another direction…they’ve been taught that drama and ill-way sells (gets the most attention), you see. And so, they are busy sifting, sorting and conjuring plenty of material to support their attention getting avenue of continued doom and gloom.

Meanwhile… though not being covered by the press, there is an up-swelling, an uprising of people, thoughts and actions that have awakened to the keen knowing (innate wisdom) that by bringing more LIGHT, more positivity, more heart, more LOVE, more UNION to all that is done… there is a stirring of the pot that is shaping the looks as if reality into something that is much more appealing for all.

Now, we must tell you… This is super simple. And. It can be super tricky.

If you change up the way you’re approaching things…on the surface, but underneath the shift is fueled by the same old ‘focused on what you don’t want’ scheme, it cannot, it will not work.

If you go on believing that the world surrounding you, the world at large and the humanity that populates it are in trouble or inherently bad, but you figure something’s got to give… so you do your best to put on a Suzy Sunshine smile and hope for the best… Well, it’s a start… But, it’s not the alchemical juice, the alchemical fire that we’re inviting you towards.

See, what you have to believe, in order for all of this to create real and lasting change for you and all that surrounds you is you have to believe (and well, of course you don’t HAVE to believe or do anything, do you?) …

The point is, your true, authentic believing in the inherent good of ALL is crucial, critical, paramount to the inherent good of ALL to BE.
Get it?

Your believing in LIGHT and LOVE to the supreme level of your capability, over all else is KEY.
And when you can Source this… When you can tap this… THEN and only then, will you begin to see the rainbows that are painted across the canvas of your reality more and more clearly.

There was a very intelligent human who walked with you some time ago by the name of Albert Einstein. It is reported that he said something to the effect: Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.

Many of you have heard this before. Have you stopped to consider what this really means?
What does ‘the same level of thinking’ mean?

Albert Einstein understood, perhaps better than most, that everything is energy. And, he knew that if everything was energy…thoughts were energy, too. So… If we are steeping in the energy vibration of what we perceive as unjust or discordant and we wish to shift that which we are perceiving as such to something more elevated, more well serving…we cannot achieve it from that space of steeping!

We must shift our vantage point entirely.

What is it that we really want? And not, what is it that we really want instead of that which is unjust…but what is it that we really want…period…because focusing clearly on what it is we wish to create will always bring a clear as a bell manifestation.

You see, we always get what we want… We just don’t always realize the signals that we’re emitting around what it is we want.

If we want A because of B, well… we’re going to get more B…because B is really what we were focusing on.
If we want A because of A and all that supports A, well… then we’re going to get A!

Now is the time to realize the promise of transformation that is at hand.
Now is the time for true realized alchemy.
And, our dear ones… You are well poised to enter into this space.
What is it that you truly want?
What is it that your heart is whispering to you?

Do you want more LOVE? More LIGHT? More JOY? More Connection, Union, Harmony, Collaboration…etc.?
If so, we are not surprised. You are human, afterall. This is what humanity thrives on.

Do you know how to receive more of these things into your experience?
We do.

BE them.
BE Love. BE Light. BE Joy. Etc.!!
Choose connection…for the sake of connecting…because it feels good.
Choose harmony…because you love the way it feels.
Create reasons for more union. Find ways that you are all similar, bonded, connected. There are SO many!

Collaborate and experience the rush of inspired creation through co-operation!
Dream a bigger dream.

Let go of old patterns of thought and action that continue to perpetuate cycles you are no longer interested in creating.

Take responsibility.

Nurture new habits, rituals, experiences and patterns that support strengthening new cycles that serve to uplift you…and others that surround you who are opening to their own creative, realized responsibility.

You decide what is NewsWORTHY.
You decide what is relevant.

Navigate by way of asking yourselves…

Does what I am thinking, facing, listening to, watching, acting upon, etc… draw me nearer to…or further from my heart’s truth, my Source Love Light within?

When you begin to navigate in this way…
Your worldview shifts.
Your vantage point on everything shifts.
And in these moments, greatness reveals itself to you. Freedom reveals itself to you. Purity of Heart reveals itself to you. And all you’ve ever dreamed of is standing at the ready to be received.

Reach out. Connect. Love one another. Trust one another.
Lead by example.
Allow your hands and heart to serve in Love Light.

This is no time to shrink.

It is time to RISE.
It is time to SHINE.
As ONE… you are not alone… You are ONE with the ALL.

It is time to start living this Truth.

It’s time to bombard yourself with hopeful and promising rays of Light.
It’s time to bombard yourself with JOYful experiences.

You are the Balancers.

This is your duty!
Enough suffering.
If not you, then who?


Look to nature.
Observe her example.

Are you still wondering how you can contribute? …how you can make a difference?
Create a LOVE FIELD!
Create a JOY Playground!
…and invite others in for the experience!

Create space for inclusion, harmony, connection…LOVE. BE LOVE.

We are not kidding! This is serious. Love Light Joy is serious business!
There is no greater call, no greater need, right now!
Call your brothers and sisters in the LIGHT together and get busy.
NOW is the time.

Blessed Ones… You are the Children of the Universe… We are the Voice of the Cosmic Soul.
Forever as ONE, we are. Infinitely, and so WE shall BE.

Infinite LOVE… Infinite GRACE… Infinite Promise…

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Sharing Messages from the Love Field:

May all who read these Messages from the Love Field feel the vibrational frequency of Infinite Love that I feel pouring through me as I receive them.  May you all be blessed by Divine Grace and come into deeper and deeper harmony with the Light of Love within you as you read each transmission.
I feel so blessed by this experience and I’m deeply honored to be called to share these messages with all of you.  It is by standing authentically in the Light of Love of our BEings that we are meant to SHINE forth in this world, sharing our hearts and souls in Love Light Truth, and encouraging others to do the same.
If this message moves you, inspires you…lifts you up and resonates with you in some way,
in gratitude, 
I invite you to please share it, in its entirety, along with these paragraphs from me.
Bowing deep…honoring the Light of Love within you, with gratitude…
All LOVE…all the way!
Go Now… And Dance in the Light of Love!
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