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Full Moon Energy ~ Give Yourself a Source Love Hug!

Full Moon Blessings, Dear Ones! Receive this message into the heart of your reality… Source delivered this message with such sweetness, such tenderness…like a soothing balm for our transforming hearts. Feel the LOVE LIGHT within you and know that you are loved, that you are LOVE. XOXO Debra

Source Love Hug

Get a hold of yourself. Grab hold! Wrap your arms about yourself and squeeze tightly.

Embrace yourself. Embrace all of yourself! …every messy, beautiful aspect.

LOVE yourSelf Up!
Love yourself whole.
Love yourself wholly and completely.

Sit quietly, cradled in your own embrace and know that you are enough.

You are whole.
You are ONE with the ever-evolving whole.
Connected, contented, calmly aware of the Infinite Nature of All That Is streaming through the Life Blood in your veins, breathing through the very cells of your BEing Body.
Alive and well…
Loved, precious one… you are!

Get a hold of yourself.
Grab hold.
Embrace yourself in gentle, fierce love.

As you hold on tightly to this temple vessel of your soul…
Feel Divine Love pulsing from within …
your very Soul returning your embrace, a recognition of life in this human dance.

Caress your worries with Love Light.
Soothe your doubts with Courageous Fire.
Relieve your pain with the Balm of Infinite Source Connection.

Love Light, your lamp.
Courageous Fire, the primal force of all creation, within you.
Infinite Source Connection, your True Reality.

Within you courses the Life Blood of the Infinite.
You are Infinity in creation.
You are Light incarnate.

Never doubt your radiance, your brilliance, your purpose, you Grace.

You matter.
You are worthy.
You are loved.
You are LOVE!

Star sister and brother of the Light… Child of the Universe,

Tend to your goodness.
Tend to your Soul Source Nature.
Mend the broken bits within you…

Allow the Light to penetrate.

Love yourSelf whole.
Love yourself wholly.

Stoke the courageous fire of creation within you.
Contain, no more.
Burst forth, Beautiful Brilliant One…
Burst forth!

Be the Light you are born of.

…and when you forget, when you need a reminder, still…

Come Home. Get a hold of yourself.
Grab hold.

Embrace the Love Light within you and allow it to rekindle your remembrance.

Allow it to bring your heart ablaze with the Fire of Source Infinite.

Source Light reigns supreme.

YOU are the Lamp.
Let yourself SHINE!

All LOVE, evermore… BE.
Blessed Love BEing… BE.

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