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Is Truth Found in the Mind? Where is Home? Are We There Yet?

October 2017 Message from the Love Field

This month, Source helps us to observe the power we give our minds
and how to decipher how we value intellect and wisdom.
Also, how to find our way HOME, within… And how to lean into Grace as we open … and allow.
Here’s to Our BEcoming! All LOVE…all the way…always…all ways! Debra

Open. Open… No matter what it takes… No matter where your mind is… No matter where your breath is… Bring it HOME and OPEN.

Eliminate all that is closing, eliminate all that is dimming to your Light…
Eliminate all that is not in service of your Higher Heart Truth and Learning.

Lean into Grace. Lean into Truth.
If you feel sideways of the Home Heart Reality of your Source Nature…lean INward, lean toward HOME within. Trust.

Now is not the time to be acting futilely, foolishly, recklessly… Now is the time to come HOME to your Truth, HOME to Source Love Light Truth Reality within you.

Cast aside that which artificially or momentarily numbs the pain of your suffering. Choose instead the everlasting balm of the Divine to caress your sadness and wipe away your tears. Forgotten LOVE beams in your Heart of hearts… LOVE of the Divine. Love that is Sourced of the One Light. LOVE that YOU ARE. Go there.

Focus no more upon that which you cannot save…that which you cannot change. Focus instead where your heart can bring LIGHT, healing … and where you can open doors to Truth within yourself and others.

Shine LIGHT into the darkest corners, not by focusing on the darkness…but by beaming brightly the Infinite Source Light of your BEing in Joy and purity.
Darkness will never be overcome with attention to it. This will only breed more darkness in the most insidious of ways… Focus your Self in the Light and navigate from this space of pure positive potential.

Open. Open…

What is it that opens your heart to the Light within?
What is it that draws you forth into the True Nature of your being?
What is it that calls you forth into the everlasting hope and promise of the new world your heart and soul are inviting your toward?
What is it that makes you feel completely free, from the inside, out?
What is it that shakes you loose from your bounded, helpless, shut down feelings of hopelessness and despair when that is the tangent you have navigated toward?

Do you know? … Allow yourself to KNOW.
Allow your heart to reveal to you what takes you higher, what takes you into the LIGHT of your BEing, in Truth, Promise and Wholeness. Breathe into it … allow the rightness of your Source Navigational Force within to be revealed. In ease … allow. Breathe. Listen. Receive. Allow.

In Truth (your Source Tapped Truth, within) —
When you know what takes you higher…
When you know what feels better…
When you know what helps to alleviate your pain and suffering…
When you know what increases your feelings of JOY and liberation from the inside, out…
Why would you not choose this without a second’s delay?
Why would you choose pain and suffering over Grace and Light?

Choose LOVE over all.
Open. Open…
Receive. Receive…
Practice yourself into Conscious Source Light. (It’s your naturalness, find your way back…)
What is it that takes you there?
Breathe. Sing. Dance. Look to Nature. Lean yourself into the wisdom of an ancient tree. Lie yourself down in the dew kissed grass beneath the morning sun. Float yourself upon the waters that unite you with Mother Ocean. Play with young ones. Play. Witness the miracle of birth and celebrate all that is birthing within you, always … Immerse yourself in all that is beautiful and brings your JOY forth!)

In the Love Light Reality that Source Infinite IS…. You are FREE. You are Boundless. Your are Open… You Are. Your are ONE with the All…All with the One. One in the All…All in the One. You are One. You are All. You Are.

There is much moving across the movie screen of your mind. It is just that…a movie. Watch it freely…without attachment. Allow the pictures, the scenes to float across the landscape of your mind without judgment, without attachment, without fear, without the need to question or to know why… Freely watch, if you like… Practice non-attachment. Practice true freedom, from within.

There is no moving forward in liberated, elevated Truth without your commitment to enter into the Promise of Truth and Deliverance of Source Reality within you… When you come HOME to your Source Light and you can simply allow that vibrational Truth Consciousness to carry you…you begin to recognize the vibrance of life and life’s joys in a whole new way.

You open. Doors open. Creative Reality becomes Infinitely inspired and divinely guided. And in the happening of this pure blissful expansion, you are not attached.

You flow… You create in effortless ease… You relate in Light and Love. You create for the pure JOY of it. You allow. You are free, liberated and in delightful service to the Truth of the One Light that lives and breathes through you, in you, with you, as you.

You have glimpsed this becoming.
You have awakened to the feeling of this becoming…
And yet, you linger on the threshold of your fullest awakening presence, wondering if you can fully cross over into this Supreme Truth Reality.
You wonder if the timing is right?
You wonder if you are deserving?
You wonder what will happen if and when you choose Light first, always, all ways?
You question whether or not you are worthy, ready, willing and able?
And in these questions, you forever hold yourself apart from that which is your birthright, that which is your True and Supreme Naturalness.
Allow. Allow the LIGHT to penetrate All. The Light IS ALL. The LIGHT is Truth. The LIGHT IS YOU. You are the Light.

When you accept this Infinite Truth as your reality — feelings of doubt, fear, pain, suffering, anger, frustration, attachment to outcome all fade into the periphery…seeming as if they never presented at all.

We know, this is challenging for you to imagine because you have allowed yourself to buy into, to subscribe to, the picture of reality that life is hard, that there is no gain without pain, that to suffer is to be real, that to experience frustration is to experience the rush of freedom on the other side of the letting go, in the wave of surrender. And we would invite you into that rushing wave of surrender sooner than later…

We would invite you toward full surrender…into the LIGHT of the Known Truth. That Truth that calls from deep within your cells. That Truth you FEEL deep within, but aren’t sure how to describe it…because it is indescribable.

If you choose a new reality steeped and nurtured in the Source Infinite Truth within, will you cease to experience contrast, hardship, emotional upset, pain…? Certainly not, for you are here in human form, having a human experience… But, your capacity to experience the All from a space of Loving Observer, from a space of Conscious Light… This is the difference you will experience.

You will apply Light Truth to all. You will see All through the Eyes of Source. You will choose Love Light over anything you perceive as less than that… And when you become practiced enough in your new Truth Reality, you will realize that it is ALL, every last scenario, situation, aspect — It is ALL Love Light. Can you see it? Can you see the Love Light Transformation of the ALL in the all?

Choose expansion in Grace. Lean into your Promise.
Choose your Higher Heart Intelligence. Lean into your Soul’s Calling…
Lean into your Truth and Allow Source Love Light within you, as you, to guide you HOME to your elevated, precious BEingness here in the earth time space reality.

You are being called HOME, within. Awaken. In the timelessness of All That Is, the Time is Now.

To turn yourself from this call is to invite further contrast, pain and suffering into your experience. Why? Because you are activating and navigating from your mind space … questioning, analyzing, processing and trying your very best with effort to figure it all out. It cannot be figured out. There is no reason to analyze, process… Just BE an active participant in readied BEingness. Accept the looks-as-if-ness and allow the Truth to be revealed…from the inside…without the action of the mind…allow the heart-mind to navigate your way on.

So much energy is spent in the sifting and sorting — practice yourself into the space of trusting your knowing, your intuitive guidance, your higher heart intelligence.
You take yourself back and forth, back and forth across the terrain of the mind — looking for reasons, questioning every detail, wondering how it may have been different…if … if only …

So much power has been given to your mind. Why?
Your mind was given to you to support your heart’s direction.

So much power has been given to accumulating knowledge — at the expense of practicing from your innate Source Infinite Wisdom.

You have put your faith in the accumulation of historical happenings and postured thought — filling your minds with nonsense that clogs the natural freedom of your energetic pathways for creativity.

You have allowed yourself to become rigidly adhered to systems of belief and action that others have deemed worthy of your allegiance. Why?

Where did your own ability to navigate by your Higher Heart Mind and Intelligent Intuitive Will go?
When did you decide to follow the course of others rather than setting your own course based on your own intuitive rhythm and flow?

Did you decide? Did you choose?Or, did you unconsciously allow the pattern to continue repeating itself over time and space?

We remind you… It is ALL of your choosing. Even that which seems otherwise — therewithin, it is always of your choosing.

What would happen if the entire collective woke up to the reality of choice, navigating within their Source Infinite Love Light Truth … at the same time? What would shift? What would change?

And if you can imagine this to be a most amazingly magnificent happening — why would you yourself wait for the collective?

What would happen if just a handful of humans became awake to the consciousness of their choosing each and every day? What if that handful, each inspired another handful, and they in turn, the same … onward and upward, the spiral of Grace in Change is revealed … onward and upward the chain of a Love Light Truth reality is birthed … onward and upward Change in Grace becomes real.
Why would you wait?
Why wait?

Choose NOW.
Open. OPEN…
Allow. Allow…

BEcome All that you are.
Awaken to the One in the All, All in the One reality.
Awaken to the Truth, vibrating real and strong within you.
Set your own course for Love Light Truth.
Navigate with purpose and passion beaming forward, onward and upward.

Trust in the new dawning within you.

The waters are moving — the waters are moving faster and faster.
The current is rushing onward.

Put yourself on purpose, with clarity of intention, into the River of Infinite Expansion.
Flow with the Current of Infinite Expansion … Expressed as Love Light through you, as you.

Allow the Grace of the Current to guide your way on. Trust. Be. Beam your LIGHT Infinite.


Attunement Statements to Support Awakening in
Source Love Light Truth:

Repeat these statements aloud to yourself daily (preferably often, at minimum when you awaken and before you slumber) … Allow the statements to act as the vibrational aligners that they are. Allow the frequencies within the word sounds to penetrate, shift, activate and assimilate the energies and awarenesses that are integrating within you.

I Am Love.
Consciously, I choose Love.
I Am Light.
Consciously, I choose Light.
I Am Truth.
Consciously, I choose Truth.
I Am Peace.
Consciously, I choose Peace.
I Am Joy.
Consciously, I choose Joy.
I Am Free.
Here and Now … I Am.

Open. I Am.
Receptive. I Am.
Free. I Am.

Awake. I Am.
Aware. I Am.
Free. I Am.

In balance. I Am.
In balance. I Am.
In balance. I Am.

Willing to Love, I Am.
I Am Love.
Willing to be Love, I Am.
I Am Love.

Willing to Trust, I Am.
Willing to Open, I Am.
Willing to Listen, I Am.
Willing to Choose, I Am.

I choose Love.
I choose Light.
I choose Truth.
I choose Peace.
I choose Joy.
Here and now, I choose. I Am.

Earth, I Am … Air, I Am … Fire, I Am … Water, I Am … Infinite, I Am … Source, I Am … I Am.

I am my JOY.
My JOY, I Am.
My Joy, My Source, My HOME.
At Home within, my Source, my JOY.
I Am.

I Am Love in action.
I Am Light in action.
I Am Truth in action.
I Am Peace in action.
I Am Joy in action.
Here and Now, I Am.

Source Infinite Flow, alive and well within me, Is.
Source Infinite Flow, I Am.

One with Source, I Am.
One with Flow, I Am.
Infinite, I Am.

My breath, my Source.
My Source, my breath.

Source, my Truth.
Truth, my Source.

Love, my Light.
Light, my Love.

Ready, willing and able … awake in the Power of my choosing,
I Am.

Awake in the One.
Awake in the All.

All in the One … One in the All
I Am
Here and Now … I Am.

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Now, more than ever, we need to feel supported as we grow and expand…consciously awakening in our Loving Awareness.  I’d be so honored to help guide your way on!
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Messages from the Love Field Archive

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Sharing Messages from the Love Field:

May all who read these Messages from the Love Field feel the vibrational frequency of Infinite Love that I feel pouring through me as I receive them.  May you all be blessed by Divine Grace and come into deeper and deeper harmony with the Light of Love within you as you read each transmission.
I feel so blessed by this experience and I’m deeply honored to be called to share these messages with all of you.  It is by standing authentically in the Light of Love of our BEings that we are meant to SHINE forth in this world, sharing our hearts and souls in Love Light Truth, and encouraging others to do the same.
If this message moves you, inspires you…lifts you up and resonates with you in some way,
in gratitude, 
I invite you to please share it, in its entirety, along with these paragraphs from me.
Bowing deep…honoring the Light of Love within you, with gratitude…
All LOVE…all the way!
Go Now… And Dance in the Light of Love!
Loving Awareness Life Guide
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