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June 2017 Solstice Message from the Love Field

Blissful, LIGHT filled Blessings on this June 2017 Solstice.
May this Message from the Love Field meet you right where you are, uplifting and supporting you as you navigate ever more toward the Truth in Love Light within you.
Blessed BE! All LOVE…all the way!

June Solstice Message:

Calling Truth (with a capital T) Forth

Will You Answer the Call?

Listen! Listen for Sat Nam. Listen for Truth as Your Infinite Identity.

Truth… On the breath, in the wind… The Truth of Your Infinite Soul is calling you Home … Home to your heart … Home to the Truth of your passionate purpose, revealed and fulfilled.

Sat Nam. Sat Nam. Sat Nam. Encoded within the sound, the mantra, the breath, the message is revealed. Listen.
What do you hear?
What do you see?
What do you hear in the courageous march of your breath… Breathing you aware, breathing you awake, breathing you Home to your Truth … Everlasting, Infinite, Whole.
Breathe yourself into Truth. Breathe yourself into your awake realized Flow of Consciousness.

Allow Higher Truth to prevail. Breathe away the clouds… Breathe through… Break through… Truth in Clarity awaits you. Breathe into your current of flow. Breathe into your Infinite Heart Awareness.

Trust and Breathe. Trust and Flow.
Breathe into No-thing-ness … Release … Relax … Flow … Breathe …

Float upon the stream of everlasting hope, promise, Light Infinite.
Flow in the current of Truth Reality.
Allow yourself to be uplifted, suspended … Truth revealed here, in the space of no time, no shape, no form, no-thing-ness… Breathe your Truth open. Breathe your Truth awake.
Conscious action in the Light … Breathe.

Become steadfast in your warrior dedication to breathing Truth into BEing. It is your Soul Purpose … to live the Light of Truth, in all, for all. You are a walking, breathing, beaming Truth BEing.

The Light that emanates from within you cannot be contained. Shelter yourself no more.
Step out into the Light and Truth shall be revealed. Breathe your awakened reality into Being.
You are Truth and Truth is Infinite, everlasting Love Light, pulsing with vitality through every cell of your BEing … in chorus with the ONE pulse, ONE Truth of Source Love Light.

Radiate. Breathe. Be.

Now is the time … Consciousness awaken, Pure Truth revealed.

What is it you feel your soul calling you toward? What is the dance of your heart?
What is the music of the spheres, of the ancients, of the Golden Ones that your soul is dancing in resonant accordance with?

The pulse is within you. The rhythm grows … undeniable and true, pure and as real as your sunrises and sunsets.

Wake up! Allow the Truth within you to be realized. Dance yourself into the Truth. Consciously join with your soul in ecstatic Union and dance with the symphony of Infinite Creation.

What is Truth, you ask?

We tell you, you will know when you open to it within yourself.
Breathe yourself open. Breathe into it.

Truth, pure Infinite Truth, will not be accessed with the mind. Access is free through the heart. This is heart work … heart practice … heart intelligence … Source your heart.
And first, empty, purify … release …
Any hurt, fear, pain … is residual storage created in the mind to hold value that is not worthy of your attachment to it. Release … and open, and the Truth will set you free.

This Truth is not the truth of your world, your experiences, your thoughts, or your beliefs. This Truth is not a truth that is learned, or adopted, forced or implied.

This Truth is Pure Love Light Consciousness, revealed and encoded in the very fiber, the very cells of your being. This Truth is inherently within you and it is what you feel tingling within you in your most joyful, connected, blissful, ecstatic states.

This Truth is what you feel in the brightest moments of your knowing that you are ONE with All, ONE with Source.

This Truth is a State of Vibratory Resonance that is unwavering in its Infinite Nature and Pure Positivity. It is All-ness. It is Totality. And it is no-thing-ness. It cannot be contained or described. It CAN be Sourced, tapped, felt within you … and it is your Guiding Force.

It is time to stand in this Truth.
It is time to navigate from this Truth.

Meditate on these words for Truth Connection:

Truth Is. And this Pure Truth as Source Infinite flows through me, as me.
I Am One with Source. I Am One with Truth.
Indescribable is the Bliss I feel when I stand in the Love Light of my BEing, when I stand in, and claim, the Truth of my BEing, my Source Identity.
I Am That, I Am.

Allow the Truth within you to empower your goodness, to empower the Light of your service in this lifetime.

Call yourself Home to your Authentic Presence.

What will you do differently?
What will you cease to do?
What will you release, as it no longer serves?
What will you commit more steadfastly to, that will honor the Pure LIGHT of LOVE, the Pure Truth, within you?

Now is the time.
The time is now.
And this time is eternally present … outside of time and space.
There is this moment …

Choose your Truth.
Choose Higher Love.
Live through your Heart Light.

Flow. Go.
Ignite your Light!
Let it flow.
Let it grow.

Let the Truth Light within you guide your way on.

Let it reign. Let it reign.
Let it flow. Let it Grow.

In Truth – Love – Light … We are.
We are ONE. Sat Nam.

~END Channel~

What is Sat Nam? What Does it Mean?

Notes from Debra to help support and understand the Solstice message more deeply and create space for an experience within it:

Sat Nam is a powerful mantra. True Name is its simple translation, but energetically it vibrates much beyond this level of simple text. Sat is the indescribable Truth referred to in this channeling. It is of Source Infinite and is not contained or contextualized in the formed nature of this world. Nam is the manifested, made known, made real expression of energy of Source Infinite, birthing into form. To speak the words Sat Nam…is to acknowledge and invoke the essence of the Divine within you, to awaken Source Infinite within you, as you. Sat Nam is a prayer. It is an affirmation. It is powerful and potent medicine. It is music to your soul’s ears. It makes your heart sing. Repeating Sat Nam with each breath you take, mentally allowing the sound vibration to roll across the mind like an ocean wave, will clear your mind, connect you with Source Truth within you, penetrate any darkness that looms and propel you toward your Divine Love Light Greatness.
Listen for Sat as you inhale and Nam as you exhale… Imagine that you are connecting to Source Infinite awareness as you inhale Sat…the energy travels up your spine and out the crown chakra. Imagine that as you exhale Nam, you are grounding Source Infinite Truth into your earth being reality. This is a powerful practice. It imbues the sacred. It brings you Home to your Truth. It allows the Love Light within you to shine forth in ever-greater, elevated radiance. Try it! I’d love to hear of your experiences. Solstice Blessings of Truth, in the Light of Love, Dear Ones! Sat Nam.


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