Messages from the Love Field

Welcome Dear Ones, we are here for you. Infinitely present. Infinitely available.
You have only to open your heart... Tune in. Listen. Receive these Light Messages with our Love.

We are the loving whisper that caresses and soothes your heart and soul, inviting you to attune to the Light of Love within you. We are your Eternal Source Supporters and Cosmic Cheerleaders.

You are a Child of the Universe. We are The Voice of the Cosmic Soul.
Brothers and Sisters in the Light, we are Infinity. You are We. We are ONE.

~Infinity as The Voice of the Cosmic Soul
(channeled through Debra, your Loving Awareness Guide)

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Time to Rise and Shine

March 2017 Equinox Message from the Love Field

It’s Time! Bright Equinox Blessings to All! On this day, we find ourselves right smack dab in the middle of what Nature reflects to us as Balance. We experience what it is to be neutral, equal…and in balanced union with totality. We are invited to reflect…release…rebirth anew. Transformation continues to be the name of the […]

Amp Your Power ~ Shine Your LOVE LIGHT!

February 2017 Message from the Love Field

Heart Light Greetings to All! Here we are, 2017 is in full swing…and February’s canvas is fresh and ready to be painted. Transformation (in the Light) is the theme Source Infinite has invited us to play with for the entire year. I have to be honest… It’s been emotionally challenging to navigate these waters lately. […]


2017 New Year Message from the Love Field

Who’s ready for a shiny, new year…a new birth…a new chapter…a new reality…a new outlook…a new perspective… a new ______________! Who’s ready??? Ready or not … Here we GO! 2017 is about Transformation… No matter how we slice it, so let’s intentionally create it IN THE LIGHT! May you feel the pulsing Light of Infinite […]

JOYfully sit. BE present. Tap into ONEness Vibration.

October 2016 Message from the Love Field

Wow, really? Is it truly October 17th?! This message was received for us all on Oct. 1st … and it’s as potent today as the day I received it! Honestly, maybe more so. What do we need more of now? More realized connection, more unified consciousness, more harmonious balance… more Light, more Love. And where […]


In Our Light, We are Free

Are there ever times when you feel stuck, afraid, frustrated…discouraged, lost…limited, constrained…? Of course there are! We are here having a human experience. And there are times when we feel empowered, creative, courageous…alive, purposeful, aware…limitless and FREE! We can perceive ourselves to be in times of bumping up against… And we can choose another way, […]

August Theme 2016 BE LIGHT

August 2016 Message from the Love Field

As we edged our way nearer to August, it became clearer and clearer to me that we’d be focusing even more intently on LIGHT. Every message I’ve been receiving is filled with a determined invitation to become more and more Light Centered, from the inside, out. It’s no big surprise, really…is it? I mean, what […]

Bright Blessings, Dear Ones...

We bring these messages to you, through Debra's willing partnership and aligned presence.

There is no one above or below, ahead or beyond these messages we share.

They strike a chord within every heart, in one way or another. They meet each of you exactly where you are and resonate just as they need to.

Each message holds gems of discovery within.

There are questions asked of you for your further exploration …
Go there … Listen deep … Hear the response of your heart and soul and return to read and listen to the message again.

The messages are inspired through Debra at timely moments of energetic flow and though captured in vibrational moments, the messages are timeless, ageless and always potently available to help guide your Infinite Becoming.

There is a recalibration, a deepening, a Grace that flows in and through you as you experience the messages. They are at work on every level of your BEing.

Allow the vibrations to filter in…

There is no work to do — no thing in particular to do — just be with the message. Attune to your Divine Source of All That Is Self … The Light of Love within you — and receive.

We are Infinity. You are the Light of Love, Sourced of Infinity. We are One. Love.