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Debra’s Heavenly Halva Balls

This just feels like the perfect way to bless the blog with our first Loving Awareness FOOD post… Mmm…tasty, divine… Holy Heavenly Halva Balls!! What is FOOD, to you? For me, food is more than something we just do for sustenance…more than something that helps us to survive. Food is medicine. It speaks to our…

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High Vibe Life Guidance

Everyone needs a little support sometimes! We're here for you.
Our Loving Awareness Guidance Sessions will illuminate the path before you,
guiding your way on to living your most authentic, radiant life, steeped in the Light of Love.
Is your heart longing for something greater?
Is there a part of you that is craving a deeper unfolding?
Are you ready for a new, more brilliant reality?

Learn More About Loving Awareness Guidance Sessions

Illuminating the path to living your most bountiful, blissful, beautiful life!


Loving Awareness Yoga is a beautiful fusion of our own unique foundational practices that encourage a deep, gentle journey into the Self…positively nurturing all aspects of our well-being-- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, blended with Kundalini Yoga.

Mantra & Kirtan

Become steeped in the sound current vibration that is mantra yoga and kirtan. Allow yourself the experience…you’ll crave more and more. There’s evidence to support the myriad of well-being benefits that come as a result of chanting and singing mantra.

We are here to foster Loving Awareness in the hearts, minds and experiences of all.

We believe all beings are born in and of the Light of Love; and are worthy and deserving of knowing the True Light of their beings.

It is from this Source-Inspired vantage point that we feel divinely inspired to serve.

How may we serve you? Let's explore and discover your greatness, as you journey into the Light of Love within.

~Debra & Mark Gehrke, Loving Awareness Guides


Loving Awareness 

invites you to come home to the radiant, happy, healthy, whole BEing that you are …and encourage others to do the same!

Radiate Loving Awareness!