Personal Loving Awareness Yoga

Imagine a one on one yoga session where your uniqueness is held in reverence…

Loving Awareness Yoga is all about you…



It’s your journey.

Where will you allow it to take you?

Personal Loving Awareness Yoga ~ It’s PLAY for your soul.

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Grow Your Radiance!

Illuminate the Light of Love Within You!

Discover Freedom and Flexibility that flows into all aspects of your life – mind, body, and spirit with
Personal Loving Awareness Yoga Sessions.


What if experiencing Personal Loving Awareness Yoga Sessions could support you in being your best, most authentic self?

What if these sessions could strengthen your physical body, while also strengthening your sense of self, your confidence, your passion, your intuitive nature, and your will to live your most JOYful presence in the Light of Love?

Personal Loving Awareness Yoga Sessions are completely focused on YOU, your energy, your awareness, your needs.

Let Debra help you take your Loving Awareness higher and deeper.

We begin where you are, in full honoring and acceptance of what is…

and open to growing and expanding into the Illuminated Nature of Your BEing

through a series of body movements, powerful breathing techniques, mantra repetition, deep relaxation and meditation…

all chosen specifically for your uniqueness, abilities and needs.

Are Loving Awareness Yoga Sessions for me?

Do you ever feel you need some loving encouragement to amp your well-being?

Do you ever wish you had someone to help you get started with a meaningful daily practice?

Do you ever feel like there’s something missing, some greater purpose to grow into or discover?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then YES!...these sessions are for you!

Loving Awareness Yoga encourages you to embrace the amazingness that is you, right now...right here in this red hot moment.

The sessions invite you to dig deeper, to explore and discover the richness that is your Illuminated Nature, shining bright within you in the Light of Love.

These sessions can be a great boost to your overall well-being and tune you in to your highest, most aligned direction in life.
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For more general information about Loving Awareness Yoga, please click here.

How Much JOY and LIGHT Will You Allow?

During our personal sessions together, if you allow it...

it’s quite probable that you will feel uplifted and you’ll have a calm, energized glow about you. It’s likely you will feel empowered in your own personal uniqueness.

You just may feel limitless, unstoppable and full of vibrancy and vitality.

The chances are crazy stacked in your favor that you will have a new eagerness and optimistic enthusiasm for the path that lies before you…

And without a doubt, you’ll feel like you’ve done something super good for yourself!


What are the some of the benefits I may experience?

  • Overall greater well-being

  • Calmed nervous system

  • Less stress

  • More energy

  • Less fatigue


  • More mental clarity

  • Sense of purpose

  • Emotional balance

  • Enhanced intuition

  • Better Digestion


  • Greater ease in weight management

  • More restful sleep

  • Stronger immune system

  • More joyful optimism

  • Greater self confidence

Frequently Asked Questions

What else would you like to know? Please inquire!

How long is each session?

Each session is 1 hour, customized to your needs, including some or all of the following:

Loving Awareness guided insights, body movement, mantra, sound healing, breathing flow, meditation and deep relaxation.

Where do the sessions take place?

We can meet via Skype or Google Hangouts, in the cozy comfort of your own space. This is actually wonderfully supportive as it allows you to be guided in your practice journey and it sets the space for you to continue practicing on your own between sessions.

For those local to Debra, sessions are available in person.

How many sessions do I need?

This depends completely on each individual’s needs, intentions and goals.

Multiple sessions to get started and feel supported in carrying on your own super charged daily practice are highly recommended.

Ongoing sessions are always available when you need further guidance or inspiration to continue on your Loving Awareness Yoga journey.

What if I’m not good at yoga? (often accompanied by statements like: I’m not very flexible… I’m not sure if yoga is for me… I don’t think I have a yoga body… ETC.!)

Who said?! Yoga means union. It’s about deepening the relationship between you and YOU (your Divine Sourced Self) and that’s for absolutely everyone!

Loving Awareness Yoga encourages you to embrace the amazingness that is you, right now...right here in this red hot moment. It invites you to dig deeper, to explore and discover the richness that is your Illuminated Nature, shining bright within you in the Light of Love. That, my friends is for everyone...EVERY BODY!

This practice supports all aspects of your well-being: Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.
What if I’m not able to comfortably sit on the floor or hold certain postures?

No worries! We can practice in chairs and there are plenty of options where standing works as well. This yoga is for everyone. You can do it!

What if I’m interested in the meditation and mantra aspects, but not so much the physical aspects?

We can focus where you’d like. We have a vast toolbox to draw from and there are options to fit all needs and intents. Let’s tune in and discover what’s a best fit for you!