High Vibe Life Guidance


1hr. High Vibe Guidance Session with Debra guiding you toward your most brilliant source nature. via phone or video service.

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This is a 1 hr. High Vibe, power packed, major aha moment after moment driven, deeply tuned-in experience that may just transform your life.

What can I expect?

The journey we’ll embark on with be steeped in Law of Attraction oriented navigation.

  • In Loving Awareness, we begin by accepting ownership and responsibility for our current reality
  • and by recognizing the power of our thoughts,
  • we’ll choose to deepen our Loving Awareness,
  • follow our Feel Good path,
  • and commit to deliberately creating our reality from here forward, with passion and purpose.

No two people are alike; and so it follows that no two sessions are alike.

Each session is customized to and guided by each individual’s uniqueness.

Sessions are Light-filled and deep, fun and explorative, and often filled with multiple AHA! moments.

Before your sessions with Debra begin, you will complete the Loving Awareness Guidance Questionnaires that act as a launch pad to your guidance session exploration and discovery.


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