Personal Loving Awareness Yoga Session


1 hr. Personal Loving Awareness Yoga Session on Skype or Google Hangouts. (In person sessions available locally.)

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Personal Loving Awareness Yoga

Imagine a one on one yoga session where your uniqueness is held in reverence…

Loving Awareness Yoga is all about you…


It’s your journey.

Where will you allow it to take you?

Personal Loving Awareness Yoga ~ It’s PLAY for your soul.

Schedule your personalized session today!

Grow Your Radiance!

Illuminate the Light of Love Within You!

Discover Freedom and Flexibility that flows into all aspects of your life – mind, body and spirit.


What if experiencing Personal Loving Awareness Yoga Sessions could support you in being your best, most authentic self?


What if these sessions could strengthen your physical body, while also strengthening your sense of self, your confidence, your passion, your intuitive nature, and your will to live your most JOYful presence in the Light of Love?

Personal Loving Awareness Yoga Sessions are completely focused on YOU, your energy, your awareness, your needs.

Let Debra help you take your Loving Awareness higher and deeper.

We begin where you are, in full honoring and acceptance of what is…

and open to growing and expanding into the Illuminated Nature of Your BEing

through a series of body movements, powerful breathing techniques, mantra repetition, deep relaxation and meditation…

all chosen specifically for your uniqueness, abilities and needs.


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