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Realign, Cleanse, Redirect, Connect, Repeat – All in the One, One in the All

September 2017 Message from the Love Field

As this year of Transformation in the Light grows on… It is time to recommit, realign, re-balance, re-attune, readjust, renew, revisit, re-BE.

Especially the first part of this new month… It is time to cleanse, purify, release, let go… as a means of committing and affirming again, that you are destined toward your greatest expression of illumination in this lifetime and that in order to BE that, in order to do that, in order to feel, live, breathe and express that… you must commit, align, and allow your amplified Light from within forth.
And in order to do that, it will serve you well to clean your vessel, to dust away the shadows, to tune your instrument.
Now is the time. And the time is always now.

Become a beacon for your Truth to shine through.

As you cleanse and purify, you open yourself to becoming more of who and what you really are.

And as you become more of who and what you really are, your uniqueness is given the platform it deserves to share and shine forth in effortless, grace-filled, magnificence.

As your Light within grows forward in conscious realization within you, so too does your willingness to BE all of who and what you really are. And as you allow this, you find yourself turning toward brighter days with more and more aligned connections and fulfilled quality of BEingness.

Allow yourself to be drawn toward that which your heart is navigating you forth to.
Listen to your heart… There are messages of Truth written within that will open your passions and purpose further and further each and every day.

At the end of each day, ask yourself…

Was the majority of my day today expressed in such a way that fuels my inner-fire, that inspires the Light in me to grow more fully, that serves my Highest Source Reality?

As you ask, you will feel tingles and surges of vibratory answering ringing through your BEing body. You will know where you are navigating most closely to your Truth and where you are still at a distance — where there is a gap in misalignment that you can observe, accept, give gratitude for — as you use that observation to make the necessary adjustments and leap toward greater alignment moving forward.

All of life is a dance, an experience, an experiment in serving the Higher Octave of Your BEcoming. The Dance is Infinite. There is no beginning and no end… This life — a mere verse in the Infinite Song of Your True Self.

Allow the Music of Infinity to sing through you…
Allow the spin of your own song to weave its way into the harmonious reverie.
Your Song, Your Light, Your Breath, Your BEingness — is needed, necessary and oh so cherished and celebrated by the Greater Symphony of Song — of All That Is — One in the All, All in the One.

This month… Breathe!

Breathe. Breathe for your life. Breathe for your consciousness. Breathe for your Infinite Truth. Breathe for your Finite Creative Reality. Breathe yourself alive as you never have before.
Become conscious of your breath breathing you alive…
Become aware of your breath as you never have before.
Listen to your breath.
Allow the sound of your breath to sing you to sleep at night.
Allow the sound of your breath to energize you when you need it.
And to calm you when you need that.
Allow your breath to be the bridge between your thoughts and emotions…
Guiding you Home to the Light within you.
Allow your breath to be your teacher.
Allow it to guide you toward a better feeling place…
Allow it to nurture you, to inspire you, to invigorate you, to heal you.
Allow your breath to literally OPEN a new reality to you.
Source Infinite is awaiting your conscious realization of your Infinite Nature — within your breath!

This month… Release!

Cleanse, purify, release, let go…
As the seasons take another turn, be willing to reassess what is serving, and what is not serving, in your day to day reality — on all levels — mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, generational, energetic — all that surrounds you, all that is within you.
Consider what you ingest every day… On all levels…
Is it beneficial? Does it serve your Highest Source Infinite Reality?
The food you eat, what you drink, what you read, what you think, what you feel, what you absorb (energetically and physically). How is it serving you?
Is what you are ingesting (on all levels), serving your highest, optimum well-Being?

Consider what you express every day… On all levels…
Is it beneficial? Does it serve your Highest Source Infinite Reality?
Your words (including those unspoken), your actions (including those thought about, but not taken). How are they serving you?
Is what you are expressing (on all levels), serving your highest, optimum well-Being?

Consider what you are releasing and eliminating… On all levels…
Is it beneficial? Is it serving your Highest Source Infinite Reality?
Is there more to release? Is there more to let go of?
Are you feeling an inner urge to release more…?
Consider what is begging to come forth from within…?
A change of view, place, perspective?
A latent gift or talent coming awake?
Potential for growth, change, evolution — Transformation?

This month… See Clearly!

See yourself being more of who and what you really are.
Imagine it into BEing.
See yourself amped in your Courage.
See yourself basking in the Joy of seeing yourself through on your inner promises.
See yourself on the other side of ill-spent worry, doubt or fear and celebrating the freedom, the liberation, the sheer ecstasy of living a new unburdened reality of self-empowered choice in action.

This month… Open! Envision Your New Reality!

Open the doors — WIDE.
…and begin to accept the flood of newness that is awaiting your YES.
See yourself connecting, collaborating, co-creating and thriving with others on the path.
See yourself meeting your tribe.
See yourself building the foundation of your new tomorrows.
See yourself uniting with other vibrant, conscious, uniquely expressing Heart-Lights who are a compatible and complementary match to your own uniqueness, vitality and joy for life.

It’s time… To BE YOU!

This is the time (it’s always the time) to BE YOU. Full on. In your Truth. All of YOU.
This is the time to honor the commitment and choice within yourself to BE YOU.

This is the time to recognize and honor the commitment you see in others to do the same and join forces, creating a growing family, tribe, team, village of All in the One, One in the All!

Allow the Force of your Infinite Magnetism, in Source Aligned Power to be turned ON and UP!

Allow your inner alignment … your inner knowing … your inner wisdom Truth to magnetize the new reality of your dreams to you.

All in the One, One in the All

It is ALL within your Power!
YOU are your Chosen One!
You are the ONE you’ve been waiting for!
And when we say YOU… We are speaking to the ALL.
YOU are the ALL.
You are the ONE.
The ONE is ALL.
All is in the ONE.
Do you see?
Center in the ONE LIGHT within you.
And align with the ONE that is ALL.

Breathe into your Greatness — And as you do, know that the ALL is breathing into the same, as ONE, with you!

FEEL this Union!!
When you tap into this UNION of Source FIRE within you…
You feel the fire ignited! You feel the pulse of the ONE. You feel at ONE with the ALL.

And as a result, you BEcome available to the greatest unfolding yet…
The unfolding of your heart’s chosen, most high potential of promise in awakened, manifested reality!
Do you want this for yourself?
How much?

  • Are you willing to breathe yourself into alignment?
  • Are you willing to cleanse, purify, release and let go?
  • Are you willing to wake up, to align, and to be set free from the bondage that you alone allow the entanglement of?


If Yes, then so it is!
If No… then so it is.
All is well.
All is good.
Every choice you make strikes a chord in the Great Symphony of Infinity.
Each choice, a note in the eternal chain…
Ever reverberating…
All good.

Wake up to this Truth.
Wake up to this Reality.
Know that your choices are forever painted across the canvas of Infinity.
What will you choose?
How will you live this life you’ve been given?
Whatever you choose, choose with heart, choose with the Light of Your BEing…
Choose consciously, purposefully, in alignment with your Highest Source Self.

There is nothing more we could ask than for you to LOVE the LIGHT Essence of your Divine Self awake more and more, day to day, within you.

This awakening will lead you toward your supreme expression of Transformation in the Light.

It’s inevitable. Automatic. Promised and Delivered. It is so.
Blessed BE, Dear Ones…
You are Children of the Universe
WE are the Voice of the Cosmic Soul.
Together, we are.
We are ONE.

Attunement Statements of Loving Support:

Repeating these statements aloud each day, especially upon waking and before sleeping, will help you to further integrate and attune to the higher frequency energies that are awakening, activating and assimilating within you. Transformation in the Light. And so it is! ~ Love, Source

I Am Love
I Am Light
I Am Truth
I Am Peace
I Am
Here and Now, I Am
Consciously connected to my breath, breathing me vibrantly alive, I Am
In harmony with Infinity within me, as me, I Am
Cleansed and pure, open and sure, I Am
Mind, be open
Mind, be pure
Mind, attendant to my Heart, awaken
Heart, be open
Heart, be pure
Heart, navigational Source within me, awaken
Body, be open
Body, be pure
Body, loving temple, supportive vehicle of my Soul, thrive
Soul, be open
Soul, be pure
Soul, willing Essence of my Source Light, shine
Light, I Am
Light, I Am
Light, I Am
Love Light Truth made manifest, I Am
Love Light Truth expression, I Am
Unique, free, liberated, I Am
Awake, I Am
In Union, I Am
In Harmony, I Am
Connected, I Am
All in the One, One in the All, I Am
My Light, my compass
My Love, my Light
My Truth, my Way
All in the One, One in the All
All in the One, One in the All
I Am
We Are
All in the One, One in the All
One Love
One Light
One Truth
One Peace
I Am
We Are
All in the One, One in the All

Life Guidance Sessions with Debra ~

If you feel your heart longing for more support, guidance and upliftment as you navigate your life’s journey, I am available for private sessions. (in person, locally or via the web, globally)
Now, more than ever, we need to feel supported as we grow and expand…consciously awakening in our Loving Awareness.  I’d be so honored to help guide your way on!
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Messages from the Love Field Archive

When you need an Infinity Boost…and some upliftment from The Love Field, we invite you to visit our archive and immerse again and again in the Messages that reside there for you.
Here’s the link: Messages from the Love Field Archive

Sharing Messages from the Love Field:

May all who read these Messages from the Love Field feel the vibrational frequency of Infinite Love that I feel pouring through me as I receive them.  May you all be blessed by Divine Grace and come into deeper and deeper harmony with the Light of Love within you as you read each transmission.
I feel so blessed by this experience and I’m deeply honored to be called to share these messages with all of you.  It is by standing authentically in the Light of Love of our BEings that we are meant to SHINE forth in this world, sharing our hearts and souls in Love Light Truth, and encouraging others to do the same.
If this message moves you, inspires you…lifts you up and resonates with you in some way,
in gratitude, 
I invite you to please share it, in its entirety, along with these paragraphs from me.
Bowing deep…honoring the Light of Love within you, with gratitude…
All LOVE…all the way!
Go Now… And Dance in the Light of Love!
Loving Awareness Life Guide


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