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Restless Nights, Crazy Dreams, Electrified Energy, Endless Creative Ideas … Eclipse Anyone?

Whew! And WHOA! Wow. Kinda crazy. Right?

Is anyone else feeling this whirlwind of ??? right now?

It’s sort of undefinable to me. Not indescribable, just sort of muchness at once.

The trail of emotional nuances … like miles of breadcrumbs, left behind at the end of a day.

The all-at-once-ness of the emotional flow…
Feeling elated, hopeful, sad, ecstatic, exhausted, lightening-charged, creative, numb, directed, foggy, shaken, calm, purposeful, deluded, radiant, shut-down, powerful, weak, …all at the same time.
And then sudden rushes of feeling more authentic, bold, daring, free, liberated and REAL than ever before.
Followed by physical sensations of exhilaration tingling and pulsing through every cell.
And also at times in tandem with crazy body aches in various places that make me feel like I’m well beyond my years.

Aware of the Dance

It’s like there’s a dance going on within me, between the me whom I have grown to be through the chain of this lifetime’s experiences (somewhat contained and limited in my expression and expansion) … and the ME who is the reflection of Source Infinite within me, as me, born of the One Light of All Creation (not at all contained, completely limitless and free in my expression and expansion).

The more I become aware of the dance … the more I become conscious of the awakened merging and union of my Higher Consciousness with my earthly consciousness.

And the more I relate with that merging … the more unified I feel in the ever-evolving knowing within me of ONEness consciousness at large.

It’s a total turn on.

From my guessing, I’m kind of a poster child for the planetary dance of energies right now. My dear friend, Kay Snow-Davis used to call me her ‘canary in the mine’, because she knew that if I was feeling, sensing, experiencing something of a shift in energies…she was sure to have a wave of others rushing forward with experience of the same.

I’m going to go out on a limb (not very far, I hug trees but don’t climb them often) … I’m going to guess that many of you have been feeling a lot of this too!

If you’re anything like me, then you enjoy knowing that someone else out there is experiencing something similarly. There’s that old saying, “misery loves company”, but I’m not miserable, so I don’t subscribe to that one. If I’m going to choose an applicable adage, I’d just say… It feels good to know I’m not alone. It feels good to know others can relate. And if all this means I’m crazy, then welcome to the crazy train! Haha! (I’m cool with crazy. I’m the first to admit I’ve got my own brand going.)

So sleep has been restless at best lately…
Lots of tossing and turning. I used to say I felt like a rotisserie chicken when this happens … but I’m leaving that one in the dust, too. I’m a vegetarian, for crying out loud! So, lots of tossing and turning … like a well marinated salad. There. That’s better.

All day I feel this, but at night especially… It’s like some switch gets flipped and I’m all wired, buzzy and electrified feeling. Can anyone relate? I’m tired. Ready for sleep. Craving sleep.
And sleep doesn’t come. I don’t get agitated. I surrender. I observe.
And. I. Lie. Awake. …for what feels like forever. And now I question, am I tired? Why am I lying here? Maybe I don’t need sleep. Maybe I could get up and write the bazillions of stories that are inspired across the landscape of my mind… But, resting the body feels like a better idea. Upon tuning in, somehow I realize my body is resting. I am resting. (In the morning, I feel quite rested, actually.)

Upon further tuning in, I recognize that this often happens during times of heightened planetary alignments and movement. Some full moons, some new moons…and most other big astro-related stuff. I get that everything is energy. I know that our bodies are like highly charged tuning forks. I get that we are more sensitive than we’d ever imagined. I know that we are sensitive to these shifts. And I understand that our bodies are integrating and assimilating all of the new waves of frequency that are continuously downloading.

I know all of this. I get it. And… somehow it still takes me by surprise, like a curve ball (but I don’t play baseball, so that’s not super relevant here…but it may be for you, so I’ll leave it).

I guess I’m sharing this because you may be feeling some of these things and wondering what the heck is going on… If you’re versed in energy shifts and all things consciousness raising, you get it. If you’re new to this ballgame (there’s that sports analogy again), I’m here to tell you energy is real. Your sensitivity to it is real. We are all connected. It’s all related.

The other super important thing that I’ve observed happening within me right now is that I’m extra-highly aware and tuned in. It could be the daily mantra meditation and that can go on for hours… Haha! Yes, that will have its benefits, for sure. But it’s also a product of the energy and the shifts right now.

Have you all had the time (taken the time) to go inward…to listen deeply…to expand into your heart’s callings…to be present, awake, aware and focused? If so, I’m guessing you’re noticing this as well. …this tendency toward heightened awareness and extra-tuned-in-ness.

When I listen closely, within these days I can hear a wellspring of creative ideas bursting forth.
When I look into the movie screen of my heart, I can see a myriad of positively charged visions for an expanded expression of my current reality (and my current reality is already so rockin’ beautiful!)
I’m leaning into those whisperings. I’m making time. Literally. I feel like I’m making time for the expression of these creative waves and as I do, time is expanding. The days are stretched out and I am able to expand into all of it in grace and ease. I am so grateful for this experience!

How about you? Can you relate?

The restlessness, the craziness, the emotional ocean, the electrified presence of purpose, the creative flow… All welcome. All part of the Master Plan in accordance with Source Infinite within me, through me, as me.

Creatively, there’s so much more within me than the reality of time and space can hold right now… And, it’s all good. The fire is stoked. I allow…

I’m writing so much I feel like my fingers may leap off my hands and run for freedom!
Music and mantra are creating through me each and every day… (YAY!)
Source Infinite flowing through is palpable and ever-present in availability and clarity.
Sessions with my Loving Awareness clients feel super-charged, on fire with purpose.
Nature beckons me to linger… to get lost in her wonder and magnificence, delivering food for my table and beauty as far as my eyes can see, bringing me messages of hope, promise and Light to share with all of you.

I’m listening. I’m awake. I’m here. Now. I’m observing. I’m serving. In Love Light presence, I am.

Meanwhile… there’s a list of mundane to-do’s. They can wait. They’ll get done. Just when they truly need to be. They’ll fit in. It’s all good. (I haven’t run out of clean underwear, yet.)

OH Wait! One more thing…

Dream: Fancy Eggs, Life Sized Talking Mouse

And this dream last night?!?
So it’s like an Alice in Wonderland kind of thing, right…?
The details are fuzzy at best in this moment…
What I remember most clearly are the eggs.
…taking myself back into the dream…
I remember…
Shiny, marble like, luminescent eggs.
HUGE eggs.
The kind I imagine dragons are born of.
And I have many … six, if I remember rightly.
I am at a loss for how to care for them… how to make sure they are nurtured and birth forth what is within them. I seem to be having a hard time keeping track of all of them. Each time I look down one or another is missing. Luckily, I find them as I go on searching… But, it is not without some fear and longing when they are not in my stead.
As I am wandering about in a landscape that is absolutely faerie realm worthy, I meet a mouse…he is human sized, but a mouse, nonetheless. He speaks. He speaks to me, and I to him. He seems so wise…and he has an egg of his own that resembles mine. I ask him if he knows the proper way to care for such a gem of potential. He says of course and begins to guide me toward the best nesting spot for these beautiful eggs. I ask him if the egg he is carrying is his own. He says it is not, that he is carrying it for another because the one from whence it came does not have the fortitude to withstand such responsibility. I look down at my own heavy burden of eggs and I wonder if have what is necessary to manage this responsibility. Without speaking words aloud, he hears me and answers… “You would not be carrying them with intention of upholding their greatness to be birthed into this reality if you didn’t.” Those words were comforting and daunting at the same time. I was treading on unknown ground. The sand beneath my feet was quick. With each step, I had to be conscious and aware…treading lightly. When we arrived at the nesting spot, the mouse invited me to lay my eggs in the sand…he demonstrated first, with his. His egg lay softly suspended in the sand. When I gingerly began placing my eggs in the sand they melted into the sand and disappeared one by one… I became afraid to release another for fear of losing them. The mouse said, “They are not lost… if you are not willing to let them go, they cannot be found.” He told me to close my eyes…and trust. I closed my eyes and when I did I could see each of the eggs I had released…resting safely, suspended in a layer beneath that which was visible to my naked, awake eyes. Feeling at peace and in full trust, I laid the rest of my eggs upon the sand…I smiled as they each sank below the visible surface. I could feel their presence, incubating…preparing for the next level of their becoming…
And I woke up.

Now, I’m no dream analyzer, but if I were, I’d say there’s some super good stuff in there!
The symbolism alone… Here’s what these elements mean to me, without anyone’s input. (I’d welcome my dream interpreter friends’ take on it! 🙂 )

The eggs: re-birth, new beginnings, promise, potential, transformation, fertility, creation, etc.

A mouse: procreative abundance, witty, stealthy, hidden, out of sight, finding a way beyond seeming obstacle, hearing beyond the perceptible, etc.

The sand. Quick-sand-like, no less: insecurity, instability, shaky ground, look deeper than the seeming reality…trust what lies beneath…what is inside, follow your intuition, searching for understanding

The emotional landscape: fear, trust, searching, seeking, wisdom, consciousness, intuition, transformation, birth, unknown, mystery, self-responsibility, responsibility to others, selflessness, safety, peace

Aren’t dreams cool?!

Navigating in the LIGHT, on Purpose

We’ve been focusing so much on navigating these shifting times with clear, conscious, purposeful intent.
We’ve been placing our attention and energy on Transformation in the Light.
This dream… though I can’t say I know exactly what it portends, begs for me to continue to awaken consciously, to come into my LIGHT, to TRUST my LIGHT.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

I’d be ever so curious to hear your stories — Your experiences, as you’re navigating these precious and potent times.
Please, if you feel inspired, share in the comments below.

And, if you feel you’d benefit from some one on one Transformational Guidance time with me (after all these crazy tellings), connect and let’s begin the journey together!

May the Force of Source Love Light Truth Be Yours … Now and Infinitely Ever-More,

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