Love Your Voice

Soul Sound Sessions

What would change for you, if you knew that your voice was like a golden key to feeling courageous and empowered to present your most Illuminated Self to the world.

Did you know that your voice is as unique to you as your fingerprint? It’s true!

Did you know that your voice is a sacred healing tool, designed to continually soothe and
bring your BEing Body into harmony, resonance and balance? It is!

Have you ever held yourself apart from doing or being something because you didn’t feel
self-assured, self-confident or self-empowered enough to take the leap?

Radiate Your Truth!

Is there ever a part of you that craves a deeper love, a greater sense of worthiness,
or a stronger sense of connection?

What if your own voice carried within it the power to guide you to your recognition of
the Divine Source Nature of Your BEing, within you?

What if your voice could lead you to Self-Love...thereby leading you home to your heart
where the Light of Love resides?

Our Voice is designed to be our greatest teacher. It is our pathway to Self-Love, self acceptance, worthiness, and greatness.
Our voice is our ally, our beloved friend,
our ultimate comforter and supporter.

Soul Sound Sessions with Debra
Pathway to Your Authentic Voice!

Did you know that your own Sacred Soul Sound carries in it the vibrational waves of Infinite Intelligence, Source, GOD...and through your own voice you have the power to navigate toward your most authentic, God-Given gifts, talents and LIGHT?

Debra's Soul Sound Sessions guide you toward your most authentic voice, encouraging you to center in your Truth
and radiate your Love Power through your own unique
Soul Sound Signature.


Soul Sound Session Pricing:

$85/ 1 hour
$147.50/ 1 ½ hours
$420 for 6 hours of session time (great package savings!)

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What to Expect During a Session

Soul Sound Sessions
with Debra are a profoundly transformational experience.

  • Utilizing ancient mantras and breathing techniques,
  • along with sacred vibrational sound toning exercises,
  • inspired conversation, guided meditations
  • and gentle movement for support and alignment,

Soul Sound Sessions - Love Your Voice...Debra creates a soothing yet potent empowering pathway to your own experiential recognition of your own sacred Soul Sound Signature.

You will come into deeper resonance with your own voice, creating a relationship within, where you begin to trust your voice...and thereby, you journey into an ever greater unfolding of your purpose and power in this life with grace and authenticity guiding your way.

Each session is intuitively guided with your uniqueness in heart and mind.
This is a participatory sound healing experience.

You and your voice play an active role in bringing yourself into
harmonic balance, alignment and resonance. 

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Amplify Your LOVE Power!

What if you could tap into the unique nature of your Signature Voice Imprint
to amplify its support and nurturing of your total well-BEing?

What if you could fall in love with your own sacred sound, thereby bringing yourself
closer to the Divine Light that is within you...that IS you?

Our own voice has the power to lift us up, to bring us to our knees,
to call us forth into the Light of Love that we are born of.

What would change for you, if you knew that your voice was like a golden key to feeling courageous and empowered to present your most Illuminated Self to the world.

What would change for you, if you felt completely free, unhindered, uninhibited,
limitless in your confidence and clarity of expression?

How would your relationship with yourself change if you felt fully empowered
by the sound of your own unique voice imprint?

Activate Your Uniqueness!

How would your relationship with others change if you knew the authentic power of
energetic projection through your Soul Sound Voice?

The unique Soul Sound Signature of your voice has power beyond measure.

When sound and breath come together, magic happens… And when you tap into the potential of your own voice imprint, you open the door to your truth, your potential, your empowered nature in the Light of Love.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I don’t like my voice?

All the more reason to say YES! to this experience. Your voice is sacred. It is the auditory expression of your soul. It is one of your most powerful personal healing tools. These sessions will help you find and hear your voice in a way that you haven’t before. You will be opened to a loving authenticity within, through your voice, that has yet to be tapped.

Do I have to sing like a rock star in order to take part in these sessions?

Absolutely not. Though, if you do sing like a rock star...these sessions will take the power of your resonant authenticity and receptivity to a whole new level!
These sessions are not ‘singing lessons’, so to speak. They are energetic, vibratory pathways to self-love, self-healing and self-empowerment.
Rock star or not, who doesn’t need that?

Do I have to use my voice during the sessions?

Well, yes. That part is necessary. And we assure you, Debra takes the utmost care in creating and holding a super-powered love field where you can feel safe and supported in your exploration and discovery. This is NOT about performance. It is about digging deep and revealing the Illuminated Nature of Your Being through your sacred Soul Sound Voice.

How long will it take for me to feel empowered with and through my voice?

Deepening to the full potential of your own Soul Sound is a lifetime that beautifully grows and evolves in its vastness and subtlety, right along with you.
These sessions will guide your way on…

You can expect the greatest level of expansion by committing to a healthy handful of sessions, and even just one or two sessions will give you a foundational base to leap and grow from.

As with all self awareness growth, it’s not about the’s about the journey.
These sessions, guided by Debra, will be fruitfully insightful and transformational, no matter how many times you partake. There is always more to discover as we continue to unfold into the brilliant beauty we were born to be.

How long is each session?

Each session is one hour, including instructional guidance and experiential journeying.

Where do these sessions take place?

Debra will meet with you via internet video on either Skype or Google Hangouts. Please make sure you have access to a fast enough internet speed and that your Skype / Google Hangout apps are updated to the latest versions.