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Call Toward Higher Truth, Activate Love Light Potential, True Liberation

August Message from the Love Field As we turn the page on another month, the energies continue to spiral, building in strength and momentum, amplifying the message to another level, another degree of potency. August brings us a month of heightened power and intensity…with a series of eclipses to amplify it all. It’s up to […]

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May 2017 Energetic Support

May 2017 Cut Through Break Through, Activate Freedom, Creative Force

May Blessings, All! This message is supercharged with transformation activation! Please allow yourself to sit, calmly…without distraction, as you read & receive Source Light Activation. As energies continue to be intense…with plenty of highs and lows, this message comes in clear and strong. We have a choice in how we navigate. And if we would […]

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In Our Light, We are Free

Are there ever times when you feel stuck, afraid, frustrated…discouraged, lost…limited, constrained…? Of course there are! We are here having a human experience. And there are times when we feel empowered, creative, courageous…alive, purposeful, aware…limitless and FREE! We can perceive ourselves to be in times of bumping up against… And we can choose another way, […]

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