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Total Eclipse of the Sun Energy Transmission

Received Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The best thing you can do for yourself during this period of eclipse energy…during any times of great transformation and change… is shift your perspective, shift your vantage point, shift your awareness toward anything and everything within you that lights you up, that ignites sparks of revelatory inspiration within you.

What is it within you that calls you forth into MORE LIGHT?
What is within you that could benefit from MORE LIGHT, greater Light?
What is it within you that is yet asleep, or lurking in shadow that is coming awake, that is edging into the Light of Your Source Infinite Love Light Truth?
Tend your attention and Loving Awareness here.

What is it within you that feels good, no matter what? What is it within you that brings you to your knees in joyful gladness every time…just by the mere beingness of it…no dependence on anything or anyone surrounding you? This space within you…take yourself there! Allow the LIGHT of your BEing to inform your presence…your ignited purpose and joyful expression in your forward moving NOW.

This is a time to shed old patterns, old beliefs, old habits, old worn out habits that don’t serve who you have become…and who you are becoming…
This is a time of accepting, honoring, giving gratitude for what is and what has been…but not to the degree to which you would be still and lingering in the accepting, honoring and gratitude giving… Moreover, you will benefit greatly from allowing these moments of acknowledgement and honoring to float across your heart, your awareness like images across a movie screen…or better yet…like petals on the wind, or leaves fallen in the river, being swept downstream…
Just watch them flow… Watch them continue on to their next evolved state without attachment or identifying…just say, “thank you for what you have shown me, given me, revealed to me, sent to me…”, and allow that which no longer serves your Higher Awareness to release and melt into the periphery of Infinity. Grace in Change. Change in Grace. Grace in Change. Change in Grace.

Rather than spending precious energy focused on that which is not working, or that which you perceive to be broken, or that which you would prefer would be different than it appears to be… With purposeful intention, focus your energy of awareness inward…and forward, onward and upward…ever moving closer to the ONE Source Love Light Truth within you. As you focus inward…allowing the Essence of Who and What You Really Are to come alive and awake within you, the Truth within you is set free and you are limitless in your expression and expansion.

Transformation in the Light Begins Within

We know, it feels scary to you to leave behind these stories that you feel define you…who you are, who you’ve become… And, we assure you, these stories, your history, your past…these are not the dictating definers of your presence! You are LIGHT. Your purpose is further revealed each and every time you have a moment of clear recognition of this fact.

When you recognize yourself as Infinite Light…there is a kinetic charge within you that awakens and sends a ping of realized inspiration up into and through your heart. You feel this charge, it’s electric. You recognize that it feels good. There is momentary elation…your cells dance in harmony… And in the ‘no time’ reality of Infinity, this celebration is immense! In your ‘day to day’ time reality, this realization is fleeting… What better time is there to stop the time flow in the mundane sense and allow yourself to expand the Infinite Space of No Time Reality so that you could truly bask in this feeling of realized ONEness with All That Is…in this space of Pure Clarity, this space of highly charged Inspiration forward.

And we say, how could you not CHOOSE to take the time to revel, to bask, to allow…to spin and dance and sing for joy each and every time a clear moment of revelation, of recognition, of realization occurs within?

We would encourage your stretching of time during these moments to the utmost degree of your ability. Timebenders, you are! This is one of your greatest superpowers! We encourage you to practice it! You will marvel at your abilities!!

The greatest level and degree of Transformation, and the most profound Transformation available is that which you ALLOW WITHIN yourSELF … in the LIGHT, through the LIGHT that you are.

When you start here — BEFORE turning your attention and energy outward — And you allow that which is ECLIPSING within you to come to LIGHT — Then, and only then, can True Transformation be ignited and realized in the manifest world that surrounds you.

This simple Truth, this simple Awareness realized will make the most profound shifts not only possible, but portends the most magnificent of potentials manifest!

The Eclipse that you are witnessing is merely a timely reflection of that which is being mirrored in great intensity throughout all of humanity. The outward Eclipse of your Sun and Moon is the reflection of the momentous shift that is happening within each and every being on your planet. NOT the other way around. The Transformational Event is WITHIN YOU! The Sun and Moon are simply lining up in accordance with that which is being called forth. And the fact that this eclipse event is visually available to those of you in the proximity of the United States of America does hold extra relevance for those BEings who find themselves there during this auspicious time…especially those who reside within or near the path of greatest visibility.

Within you, the energy of Transformation is palpable and REAL, no matter who you are. If you look at your lives…it is self-evident that much is influx of change, shift and transformation.

For many, it may feel like upheaval…unending…unraveling…complete and utter disassembling of all that is and was ‘normal’, This feels to be the new normal.

For others it may feel like something needs to give…like things are stuck, unchanging and yet drastically changed at the same time by the feeling of stuck-ness.

There may be feelings of confusion, unsettledness, disorientedness, frustration, panic, overwhelm…

All of these experiences are testimony to the Call Within You that is inviting you Home to a Greater Truth, a Greater LIGHT exponent of YOU, within you.

This is a time of Re-Birth! That’s what Transformation is!

You have subscribed to the idea of a lifetime…and in this lifetime, you are born and infant…you grow into an adult…and as an adult, at some point you make your way toward your death from this physical reality that you are born into.

You subscribe to the concept that you are the person whose name you’ve been given and by a series of events, most of which you dream are beyond your control, you become a reflection of the events, situations, circumstances, etc. that you have experienced. You believe that your life makes you who you are…who you’ve become. You may believe that you carry with you your soul…and that your soul lives beyond this physical experience when your earthly body ceases. (We know that many of you carry different beliefs surrounding this aspect, and we do not wish to tread on these beliefs.) Simply, in this area, we wish to shine a little more Light…

What if, during this lifetime of experience in earth-form, you considered that your soul (the Source Infinite Love LIGHT Nature of Your BEing) was your True Identity and that by choosing to see life, by choosing to think, act and BE through this filter of Truth, life (while in this earth-realm) could take on a whole new meaning and your perspective on things could become elevated with pure promise and brimming potential?

We would invite you toward the True Reality that you are much greater than the summation of that which occurs for you here in this lifetime. We would invite you toward the notion that you are NOT your form, you are NOT this lifetime…you are formless, unchanging and yet Infinitely changing, boundless, limitless, uncontainable… You are LIGHT…first and foremost…you are timeless! You are Infinity. And in your no beginningness, in your no endingness, you have chosen to incarnate in this blessed experience of an Earth BEing. You have come into form, for the experience of it… To revel in the deliciousness of life as Human, tasting, feeling, hearing, seeing, smelling and sensing all that this Earth buffet has to offer… And while this is your formed reality, you extend and expand far beyond form, time and space. Therefore, your identity truly is unidentifiable and undefinable!

You are your GREATNESS, revealed ever more in the choices and actions you make.

Are you making these choices from your Source Infinite vantage point?
Are you thinking thoughts and taking action from this elevated Source Infinite reality within you?
THIS is what the Eclipse is calling you toward!
THIS is the GIFT you can give yourself in this ever-present NOW of your awareness!

YOU are your Chosen One!
You are the GIFT you’ve been waiting for!
Everything you need is within you!

How much will you allow?
How courageous can you be?
We tell you, you are LIMITLESS in your expansion and potential for supreme and optimum realization!!!

It is ALL within you!
This is YOUR LIFEtime! …one of an Infinite myriad of experiences the LIGHT within you lives and knows to be real.
It is YOUR CHOICE how you navigate from this ever-present NOW, forward.
It is of your choosing the degree to which you SHINE your LIGHT!

We wonder why you would ever choose less than… anything?
We wonder why you would wait…
We wonder what could possibly be so strong, so enticing, so utterly enveloping that you would allow it to hold you back from the most ecstatic experience of your LIGHT in this lifetime possible?!

We invite you forward… INTO the FULL BEAMing LIGHT of your Source Infinite Nature, now.
And you don’t need our invitation… You FEEL your own…
Say YES!
Ignite the LIGHT within for the whole world to witness!

THIS is the GIFT of the Great Eclipse Energy!!!
Let go!
Let go of resistance!
Shed the past!
Step into the LIGHT of a New BEcoming!
Welcome to your RE-Birth!

If ever there was a gift to receive…
It’s this ONE.
The Gift of a New Perspective!
The Gift of a New Vantage Point!
The Gift of Loving Awareness that lives and breathes within you always, ALL WAYS!

YOU are Your LIGHT.
You are the Light of the World.

What changes when you accept this?

What changes when you stop waiting for someone else’s Light to lead the way?
What happens when you join in the chorus of awakening Light that surrounds you?
What happens when you SHINE, just for the sake of shining?
What happens when you release yourself from all attachment to outcome?
What happens when you SHINE, just for the pure JOY of it?
What happens when you SHINE, when no one else is looking?
…AND!! … What happens when you SHINE when EVERYONE else is looking?

We are as sure as sure can be that when you do…
Your world will become brighter than you ever imagined possible!

The KEY… DO THIS no matter what else is happening around you!
BE YOUR LIGHT, no matter what else is happening around you!
This is IT. This is the Golden Ticket! This is the Magic Pill!
BE YOUR LIGHT, no matter what…

In the end (and there is none…), LIGHT is all there is.
For NOW is all there is, infinitely ever more.

Eclipse Transmission Complete.

If you are local to Waupaca, WI… You’re invited to join us for our Mantra Meditation and Eclipse Viewing Gathering. For more information, click here: Loving Awareness Total Eclipse of the Sun Event

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Sharing Messages from the Love Field:

May all who read these Messages from the Love Field feel the vibrational frequency of Infinite Love that I feel pouring through me as I receive them.  May you all be blessed by Divine Grace and come into deeper and deeper harmony with the Light of Love within you as you read each transmission.
I feel so blessed by this experience and I’m deeply honored to be called to share these messages with all of you.  It is by standing authentically in the Light of Love of our BEings that we are meant to SHINE forth in this world, sharing our hearts and souls in Love Light Truth, and encouraging others to do the same.
If this message moves you, inspires you…lifts you up and resonates with you in some way,
in gratitude, 
I invite you to please share it, in its entirety, along with these paragraphs from me.
Bowing deep…honoring the Light of Love within you, with gratitude…
All LOVE…all the way!
Go Now… And Dance in the Light of Love!
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