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Why is it Important to Focus on Self Love

Why Would I Focus on Self Love?

How will that help or serve me? 
How do I get there (to a true space of Self Love)?
Where and what is it, anyway?

Until you know the SOURCE of your Self, you can’t truly know and FEEL Self Love…which is acknowledgment that you are sourced of Source/God… apart of Source/God, not apart from…not separate, from Source/God.

…and we mean knowing Self Love in the most real, embodying, integrating and assimilating way. It is visceral. It is palpable. Unquestionable and undeniable in the recognition of it…in the way it is FELT…from within. It is not an intellectual experience in feeling and knowing, but rather, cellular and of innate Infinite Intelligence…that of the Higher Heart Mind, within the consciousness of every fiber of your BEing.

This concept is HUGE. It’s why Oneness principles, unity and connection are so fundamentally sought after…because we WANT to feel connected.

Connection is tightly woven with Self Love. When you love and honor the very soul of your being and you understand your thread in the tapestry of the whole…
You KNOW your Self
and you REALize your God Sourced Nature…
And everything else gets put into perspective from there.

Connection, in its greatest expression is in the union you feel at all times…constant, unwavering, unchanging…with the Divine within you.

When you feel that, it puts all other connection into proper and reasonable context.

Furthermore, you will never NEED connection from the lesser aligned, less authentic vantage point again.

Connection with Source is beyond words satisfying… and what you will seek (and therefore draw to you), if anything, is connection with others who are tapped into Source Connection, too.

Relationships and communications based in false, misaligned connection begin to fall away when we are focused on Divine Connection.

True Self Love has nothing to do with the self of your day to day persona, not really. That’s the real work of this journey… Understanding that YOU are not you… in the sense of you in this small expression of the greater YOU.

Do you hear this?

This is about HIGHer consciousness and in order to make progress on the journey, you need to be able to see bigger, broader…beyond the constructs of your daily self…to your Infinite Self. This is where Self Love lives.

Why focus on growing Self Love?

  • Because when you do everything becomes clearer.
  • Your emotions become indicators, not debilitators.
  • You recognize the difference between alignment and incongruency, and you’re willing to stand in your most aligned center every time.
  • You recognize unreasonable attachment to outcome and feel free from obligating yourself to something for misaligned reasons.
  • You take responsibility for your thoughts, words, and actions and when you feel you’ve messed up, you own that lovingly and respectfully, too.
  • You recognize that life is about experiencing the rich vastness of life’s landscape on all levels and you appreciate all of it.
  • You know that you are here as a part of a greater whole, and that your contribution to Infinite Expansion matters, no matter what it is.

When you grow Self Love…

Neediness, unworthiness, self-sabotage, self-pity, self-critisism, doubt, fear, worry, unsuredness, etc… all fall away.

They can’t exist where Pure Self Love resides.

Is this a journey for all of humanity?


Is the pathway to Self Love the same for everyone?

Absolutely not.

Does everyone recognize the beauty and deep abiding fulfillment that is readily available along this path?
But, it’s not about everyone else, is it?
This is about you.

This is about your journey… Your inner journey, to be precise.
This is about your own relationship with Source within you…as you.

This isn’t about what someone else thinks about the journey, or your process, or where you feel you are along the way…
In fact, none of that matters.

What matters, in the ever present now moment, is that you can look within and know that you are Source Light… And that from that vantage point, everything takes on new meaning, new purpose, new clarity, new direction.

Often times, we want to look outside ourselves for the answers… For an easier way around something, for a straighter answer, for a quicker fix.

If only we’d realize that the quickest fix there is is to go within and strike up a conversation with our inner Light, that part of us that loves us no matter what…that part of us that sees everything clearly, in context with the Infinite Whole.

Fostering Self Love (relationship with Self as Source Love Light, within you, as you) is the greatest gift you can offer yourselves.

Are you ready to begin to create a relationship with YOUrSelf?

Are you prepared to take your life to new heights?
Are you ready to accept and honor that where ever you are on the path right now is perfect…good…and on track?
Are you ready to let go of thoughts that are self-demeaning?
Are you ready to start treating yourself as the kings and queens of Love Light that you are?
Are you ready to stand before yourself and embrace the Divine You within?
Are you ready for everything to change? …for the better…?
Are you ready to accept that change is natural and that evolution is the journey?
Are you prepared for transformation?
Are you ready to claim your birthright to joyful expansion in this lifetime?
Are you prepared to feel the strength and power within you that comes with knowing your Source Divined Self?

Get ready! BE. Ready.

Nothing will ever be the same again…
It’ll be better. (deeper, fuller, more fulfilling, more satisfying, more beautiful, richer, BETTER)

The most important thing to remember is that this an inward journey…

You will not find your way here by looking or going outside of yourself…
Unless, of course by outside, you mean outdoors…as in immersing in nature, because that is assuredly one of the most supportive spaces to find and recognize YOUrSelf!

As you journey inward… Consider, what are the fastest, most powerful ways you can get there…? What vehicles of inward direction will serve you? There are MANY.

  • Breathing Exercises are key. Fundamentally, your breath is designed to orchestrate connection, union, harmony.
  • Meditation practices are beautifully beneficial… And there are many different forms. Find one that suits you…and let the practice take you home to YOUrSelf.
  • Sound healing meditation and sounding your voice (toning) is hugely beneficial to deep soul connection. The very sound of your voice, resonating within the sacred sound cave of your body, is like a tuning fork…encoded with your unique frequency, calling you home to your soul recognition. This instills a feeling of great inner confidence and self love. Sounding and toning open us up… If you’ve ever been told to be quiet, if you’ve ever felt you were not enough, that you were not being heard, or you didn’t feel validated, bathing in the toning of your own voice can re-wire patterns and beliefs that don’t support and resonate with Love Light. Just sounding aaaahhhh or Mmmmm is deeply healing and beneficial. It is proven that sounding and toning increases the oxygen in the cells, lowers blood pressure, balances and regulates the heart rhythm, increases levels of melatonin *better sleep*, reduces level of stress related hormones, release of endorphins, release of oxytocin *brings about a sense of ecstasy and harmony*, etc.
  • Mantra repetition is phenomenal for resetting and balancing the brain (mind) and neuro-pathways. Repeating ancient mantras is one of the fastest, most powerful ways to open your heart…which opens gateways to deeper knowing and understanding of your Source Nature…in turn awakening True Connection.
  • Ecstatic, repetitive movement/dance can be supportive in releasing resistance, thereby opening gateways of allowing within the realms of your conscious awakening while increasing flexibility and freedom in the physical body, allowing the energy to move more fluidly and clearly.
  • Time spent in nature, connecting with nature is profoundly supportive. Find a sit spot and just get quiet…listen, observe, be present. Take a walk on a meandering path through the forest. Walk barefoot in the grass. Lie down and gaze at the stars…feel the connection to Source Light. Swim in natural pools of water…oceans, lakes, rivers, streams… In nature, connection to all things is obvious…and we can easily tap into the Oneness of All Creation…and therefore, we can tap into Source within us, as us…opening the door to the Self Love realm.

There are many more pathways that can support you…
Just be open and explore.

Ask yourself… By participating in this activity, am I self-nurturing? Will it honor my Higher Self? Will it draw me closer to the Divine…and therefore, nearer to Source Me within me?

If you can answer yes to these questions, then the activity is supportive and will serve you well. The more time you can devote to practices that serve your awakening awareness…and thereby foster your Self Love, the better!

Enjoy the journey!
If there ever was a journey worth embarking on, it’s this one!

Here’s to Self Love…and to falling in LOVE with Divine Source within you, as you!

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Sharing Messages from the Love Field:

May all who read these Messages from the Love Field feel the vibrational frequency of Infinite Love that I feel pouring through me as I receive them.  May you all be blessed by Divine Grace and come into deeper and deeper harmony with the Light of Love within you as you read each transmission.
I feel so blessed by this experience and I’m deeply honored to be called to share these messages with all of you.  It is by standing authentically in the Light of Love of our BEings that we are meant to SHINE forth in this world, sharing our hearts and souls in Love Light Truth, and encouraging others to do the same.
If this message moves you, inspires you…lifts you up and resonates with you in some way,
in gratitude, 
I invite you to please share it, in its entirety, along with these paragraphs from me.
Bowing deep…honoring the Light of Love within you, with gratitude…
All LOVE…all the way!
Go Now… And Dance in the Light of Love!
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