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New Year Source Guided Direction for 2018

Source You, Revealed

All in the ONE … One in the ALL

The following guidance was received in four segments, over several days … starting on December 27, 2017 and culminating on the morning of December 31, 2017.
There is SO MUCH in here! My prayer is that you will see and use this as the resource that Source intends it to be … now, and throughout the year.
Importantly … Source reminds that these messages are not simply text on a page…but literally vibrational alignments and attunements that support the activation and integration of energies as we continue to elevate and expand into ever greater expressions of our Source Infinite Nature in this now time space reality.
This is a BOOK, for all practical purposes! With many Source directed questions for deeper reflection. May you find yourSelf in the LIGHT as you read…and gain insightful clarity into your elevated journey forward into this bright and shiny New Year! The pages are yet unwritten … It is of your choosing … Create forward with your Source Infinite Love Light Consciousness leading the way!
May Brightest Blessings in Source Infinite Love Light Truth in Elevated, Expanded, Expressed, Inspired Action Abound for 2018 — For ONE and ALL

Message Segment One

Listen. The Stillness Speaks.
In the green grass grows the everlasting heartbeat, accented by promise — potent and rich in vibrancy.

Listen, the Stillness Speaks.
In chorus, a poetic symphony of Grace in Change.

Shall all darkness cease?
Only when your eyes cease to be directed toward darkness as reality.

All is on purpose — cycles and seasons of shift, change, transformation.
All is in balance — the tipping of the scales in divine synchrony.

Tend to your heart. Play toward your Light. Grow your fortitude in Loving Awareness.

Steep your ambitions in servitude. From your hearts ask — Who am I serving? How may I serve? And, from your Heart of Light, from your full Love Light potential, serve — Serve well.

Serve in Truth. Serve in Love. Serve as Light. Become the temples you were born to be. Become, within yourselves, the peaceful safe haven, the refuge — the strength and grace of All That Is — and invite others into the high vibrational dwelling space that is your reality.

Shine the Light. Keep the Light on. Turn the Light up.
This theme is everlasting.
It will not expire. It will not go out of date. It is ever timely, and infinitely on purpose.
Sync yourselves with this timing of great evolutionary change.
The time is now.
Your presence in Truth is requested — It is required.

You feel the urgency in the call to higher expression, higher becoming. You sense your greatness. And in the sensing of it, do you feel the rush of eager excitement at the idea of allowing it all to unfold?

Be daring! Be brave! Be bold!
What will you allow to shift? What will you finally overcome?
There is nothing to overcome, only your mind’s attachment to such things — strain, struggle, strife — let it all go. Release your mind’s grip and fall gently into the lap of full accordance and alignment.

Herein, you are reborn. Alive. Anew.

What are you willing to consciously create from your newly awakened, inspired vantage point?

How will you be daring enough to allow more of your Light Infinite Self to shine through?
What magnificence will you emanate?
Which gifts, alive within you, will you ignite and give expression to?
How will you take action toward your own brighter tomorrow?
Where will you allow your heart to take you?
How will you demonstrate your enlivened trust in your Infinite will — your Eternal Light Guidance System?

When you demonstrate to yourself your willingness to trust — your willingness to show up at a new capacity, a new level of commitment, and a grander expression of aligned inspired action — life opens up to you.
All of the seemingly missing pieces fall into place, and rightness of Grace in flow is revealed and set into full momentum.

The Infinite Spiral of Perpetual Motion is at play. Dance with us!

As one turn of the Spiral completes itself, another opens up.
Give yourself to the spin, the rhythm — dance in it all.

Go with the flow and ignite the Light of aligned promise within yourselves.
See no beginning and no end — only perpetual Grace in Change, Grace in Flow.

And as you dance through each turn of the Spiral, ask yourselves —
What is becoming?
What is birthing?
What is releasing?
What is letting go?
And celebrate all of it with the greatest of joy and open receptiveness.
There is often too much rigidity. Allow more fluidity.
Soften. Release. Allow. Breathe. Release. Allow.

See the greater revelatory spin of clarity come in to focus.

What could you see differently if you felt no emotional attachment to particular outcomes?
What could you give yourself to more freely, if you were not burdened by your own attachments to outcomes?
What if you allowed yourself to merge with the freedom of Supreme Connection, Oneness, Consciousness, Infinite Intelligence, Divine All-That-Is-ness, that is within you?
What if in the merging you experienced the truth of freedom and for the first time you felt the emergence of your soul in effortless inspired alignment within you?
And what if, in the feeling of that emergence, you tapped into the complete knowingness that you are limitless in your expansion, unstoppable in your effortless light expression?

What if? What if you just allowed this experience? Would you? Could you? Will you?

Will — YOU.

Use your will. Master your courage. The Light within you is calling you forth.
Change inspired in the Light of your heart is always on purpose and will lead you to your ever-expanding greatness. The Light of your being is Awakening — awakening to you — to your consciousness, in this finite BEing body experience.

Merge. Merge and flow. Your greatness awaits you. Your heart of service is open. And the turning of the Spiral dances before you, within you, as you — Infinite you are — here and now, in this finite form.

Grace, you are. Effortless momentum is yours in aligned accordance.
Expand in Light. Express in Truth.
The time is infinitely now. Rise and shine!
Source Infinite — in you, with you, through you, as you.

Elevate. Expand. Express. In Light, in Love, in Truth, in Peace, in Action.
You are Source in Action. Be.

Message Segment Two

Can you hear us? Can you feel us?
It’s not about pressure…

If it feels like pressure, you are not in the accuracy of your alignment.
If you feel under pressure, something is off.
Ease up. Dial it back. Listen, observe, question, dig deeper — listen, breathe, allow.
Listen. Listen. Breathe. Listen.

There is a deeper voice, a deeper whisper within that is speaking your Truth.
Are you listening? When we call you to your Truth, when we encourage your rising up in your own vibrational accord — your own Authentic Light, we want you to know that to say yes, and to do so — is the most freeing, most clear, most of joy inducing action there is … once you allow yourself to trust the action of it.

Rising up in your unique authentic power never feels pressure ridden.

Why? Because, truly rising in your authentic nature means you are engaged, tapped in, fully present and aware of your divinity, your Source-ness.
And in this awareness, you cannot feel unease, pressure, anxiety, worry, or discord. Because in this awareness, you know your Truth, you know your Power, you know the reality of Infinite Freedom.

So, we say to you now, let us be real.
If you know this feeling we speak of, but still there is hesitation, we ask you —
What is this hesitation? Where is it coming from? Where is the origin? Are you able to discern it? Is the hesitation steeped in something that looks like or feels like fear? Is there a pattern or belief that is caught in loop in your mind that is causing the gap between your Truth Awareness and your in-this-small-moment awareness, causing you to adhere too tightly to something less than you really are?
Let us be real about this.
What is real? What is your Highest Reality?
Does fear exist there? Can fear exist there? Can fear even come into play at all, there?
In your Highest Reality, you are Infinite, al Light, radiant, Supreme Purity.

This is your Source-ness. You know this, and if you can tap this, then all is possible.
There is no pressure to be or to do anything. Pressure, if it is felt, is self-imposed.
Release. Breathe. Let go.
Be EASE-y. Be grace. Allow ease. Allow Grace.
There is nowhere to be.
There is only to BE.
Present. Focused. Awake. Aware. Alive — In this ever-present now of your consciousness.

The call is real — the call to be authentic, be clear, be brave, be true.
And what we want you to hear is that if you are hearing the call, you are ready.
And heeding the call will feel better than ignoring it.

All we ever call you toward is the feel-betterment of your experience. It is why we remind you constantly of your Source Light Nature.
Your inner draw forward into the fullness of your Light is inevitable.
Pressure, tenseness, rigidity, wariness, unease — they are all beautiful indicators of resistance that is self-imposed … out of your own distrust of your bright and full capacity for your own greatness.

It is time. Yes, the time is now.
It is time for you to allow all of yourself to shine. It is time to step up, to step forward from the shadows of limitedness.
Why? Because it feels better! Because it feels good!
And because as you do, you recognize more of who and what you really are and the Eternal Wellspring of Joy that lies within you bubbles up and is set free.
You feel alive. You feel on purpose. You feel impassioned, supercharged, inspired, and on fire with Infinite Potential.

This is all we want for you… We want for you to taste this Freedom, this Passion, this Clarity, this no-holds-barred-ness of Total Light expansion.

We are not asking for each of you to be rocket scientists, unless that is what your heart is calling you forth toward. We are simply asking you to stand tall in your Light, to claim your ALL-ness and your IS-ness — to beam brightly, no matter what it is your heart calls you forth toward — Do it and Be it, with all of who you really are.

Be your joy. Live your passion. And with total ease and grace, allow yourselves to discover more of yourselves.
Discover your joy. Discover your passion. Whatever you do, lean into your life, your greatness, with steadfast commitment and fortitude.
Claim your freedom. Express your innate Liberation.
Expand. Elevate. Trust your Truth. Get real with your Truth. Get intimate with your Truth.
Speak Your Truth. Live your Truth.
And find your natural harmony with all that is, as Infinity surrounds you.

Loving Awareness 2018 Energy Theme

Let yourself go — to find yourSelf. Come into Union. Harmonized. Merge. And let it be EASE-y.

You all make it so much more challenging than it needs to be.
Ask yourselves —
How can I lighten up? How can I be more of who I really am?
What brings me to my greatest joy? How much joyful expansion can I allow into my now-reality? What greatness am I willing to discover within myself?

Ask yourselves these questions, and allow yourself to hear the easy-Grace-flow of answers reveal themselves to you.
Ask yourselves —
How can I be more open? How can I be more receptive? How can I be more allowing?
And trust yourselves to know the way, because you do! You do!

Whatever creates the space within you and surrounding you … to be more open, receptive, and allowing — do and be more of that.

Creating the space within and around yourselves for expansion in Love Light Truth is just the Gateway you will do well to focus on.
This alone will amplify your inner-trust-quotient, it will grow your capacity for faith in your becoming — and rising up in your Brilliance will be your obvious, joyous choice.

It is time to rise. We rise with you, as one, we are.

The tide is rising — and with it, we, as ONE, rise!

Lean in … feel it … Feel the upliftment, the power is within you. The power is you!

Rise! Dear ones, rise!
Release the anchor.
Build your trust.
Allow the momentum.
Sail for new shores.

Freedom within is your compass — Source Infinite Light, your navigational guide.
Feel it. Allow it! Free your mind! Align with the Light within.
Your now is here. Can you feel it?
Rise! Rise! Rise! In Light, through Light, with the Light, as Light, rise!

Ask yourselves —

How can I serve my Light, the Light within Me, more?
How can I serve the Light within others more?
What can I do to help others find their way to the Light within?

Message Segment Three

These are Gateways:
Authentic Peace, Stillness, Joy, Pure Love.
Create pathways for these consistently, daily.

Whatever it takes, entrain yourself through these gateways.
In the presence of, in the state of these vibrations, rising up in your Source Infinite Light is empowered, on point, aligned, and a grace-filled.

Responding in the rising up call of your heart, without bringing yourself into your highest alignment first, will feel pained, stressed, forced, and beyond your capacity — and in this state, rising up in your Truth, in your Source Nature, is feeble, weak and unlasting.

You will recognize this difference. And you have said to yourselves, why does it feel so easy to be my Light sometimes, and other times I cannot hold it, or other times I cannot even go there.

This is because there has been much experience, and much training and patterning of yourselves — consciously yes, but mostly unconsciously — away from your most natural rhythm of aligned-in-Source vibration.

It can be as easy as flipping a switch to decide to come back into rhythm and accordance.
It truly can be that easy, in the allowing of it. And, for most of you, some diligent, loving practice is needed. As with everything, it is a choice, and as always, it is of your choosing.

Debra often repeats, “this or better”, to herself.
It is a hook, a phrase — that acts as a switch of sorts to bring her focus and vibrational intent into clear alignment within seconds.
Choose to adopt such a hook or phrase for yourself. There are many — find what works for you and focus there.

Give yourself the time space to experience more True Peace, Stillness, and Joy.
Allow yourselves to lean into Pure Love — true, unadulterated, unconditional Love.
It resides within you. Allow yourselves to find mirror reflections of it in your surroundings and reflect — allow the state of Pure Love to become self evident within you.
The road ahead is paved by transformation. In the Light is the pathway we present and invite you toward. It does not have to feel chaotic and riddled with strife and discord.
It does not have to feel burdensome, arduous, or stress-filled.
In fact, that’s the piece we really want you to hear —

Within the powerful, and perceived-as-intense energies of change and transformation that are spiraling in this nowness all of your Earth reality, are the gems of alchemical means.
Look deeper. Go to the core. Choose to see the energies in their highest accord.
Source that power. Tap that power!
And as you do, be in your authentic, highest vibrating Truth, and watch how the clarity flows. Watch how you ride the waves with purposeful, joyful, ease and grace. And as you do, serve in that light as you open Pathways for others to come home to their own Light Truth — and do the same.

We’re in this together. ONE, we are.
In accordance, rise. In Grace, in Ease, in Truth, through Peace, Stillness, and Joy, rise.

Through Pure Love, rise.
Here within, there is only Light. Infinite. Source. Light.
Welcome home, this is the new reality of your BEingness.

Message Segment Four

Rising up.
Rising in your purpose.
Rising in your power.
Rising in your sunlit Truth.
Rising to your destiny.
Rising to your greatness.

You know what this feels like.
Reflect — when have you felt so empowered, so in your zone … as you call it … so alive, so refreshed, so connected, so online, in line, aligned?

In those moments, you are tapped in, connected, in conscious union with your Source Spark.
All you need to do is recreate that feeling-space.
Go for it!
What needs to happen? What do you need to shift, release, lean into, in order to allow for more of this experience?

Do you see where we are leading you?
Can you see the inevitable outcome of giving your undivided focus and attention to your Light, your greatness, your joy … your expansion in infinite love light?

If your sole and soul focus is to come into ever greater accordance with the Truth Love Light principles that are alive and actively encoded within yourselves, then your transformational reality is built upon the rising destiny of your star power. And your experiences are filled with excited and inspired revelations that continue to take you higher, forward, onward and upward in your effortless, magical, purpose and passion filled destiny.

And in the mundane, because you are in a reality that requires attention to the mundane to put food on your table and clean clothes in your closet if that is the reality you choose — here too, in the mundane… Make every action, every mundane action, a poem of devotion to the Divine within you.
Why do you tend to the mundane? Because you are caring for yourselves.
Consider this. How can you bring more loving care and heart conscious intent to all that you do while you are doing it?

Be present. And as you are present in the mundaneness of doing dishes or similar — be conscious of your thoughts and where you are allowing yourselves to be directed. Bring consciousness and awareness to every moment, and as you do — recognize that the mundane also become moments of elevated grace-filled meditative prayer in active practice.

Many times we hear you say that you wish to unplug, to just check out for a while — and if that meant you could, and would truly do that — meaning if this meant that you would allow yourself to unplug, and check out of the mundane Earth reality … and as a result merge in total union with your Infinite Reality, we would say what a wonderful choice that would be!
For in that choice, true and real regeneration would occur and it would be to your supreme highest good.
This is the reality that is bestowed upon you when you are in deep slumber.
But, what happens more often, is that in the unplugging, your mind is still riddled with that which you wish to unplug from — and therefore, you do not gain momentum in the moving closer into harmony with your highest operating self.

Rest is good. Allow rest. Bring peace. Encourage stillness.
Be conscious in the practice and the allowance of Peace.
Become vigilant of and to your peace.
Align your will in peaceful action and inspired Truth will bloom forth in the greatest of ease.

Allow for Stillness, so much of your reality is steeped in stimulation of one form or another.
You are constantly in receptor mode — but not always consciously.

How could you amp up your consciousness and your powerful will to choose?
Become your own steadfast advocate.
Be your greatest alignment coach.
No one can do this for you.

Why are we guiding this direction now?
Because, the call within you to rise up, to be more of who you really are, to stand tall in the fullness of your Infinite Truth, is pulsing stronger and stronger day to day.
Your awakening, your arising, is in motion.
Inevitable — Irreversible motion.

We wish to uplift and support you in your journey so that you can come home to yourselves in as much conscious Loving Awareness, and Grace and Ease as possible.

Align thy will with Holy Supreme Source Light and soar in your co-creative, power-rich, Love Light Sourced service to All That Is — for the pure joy of Infinite Expansion.

You are our greatest gift, and our greatest prayer — in Transformation. We are with you always. We Are One. One, we are.
Elevate. Rise.

Live and Love the Essence of the Source Light that you are — now, Infinitely, forevermore.

May Truth flow freely within the clarity current of who and what you really are.
And may you recognize this Truth, in clarity, on purpose, in Grace and Ease within you — as you serve in, through, with and as Source Infinite Light Goodwill for All.

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Now, more than ever, we need to feel supported as we grow and expand…consciously awakening in our Loving Awareness.  I’d be so honored to help guide your way on!
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Messages from the Love Field Archive

When you need an Infinity Boost…and some upliftment from The Love Field, we invite you to visit our archive and immerse again and again in the Messages that reside there for you.
Here’s the link: Messages from the Love Field Archive

Sharing Messages from the Love Field:

May all who read these Messages from the Love Field feel the vibrational frequency of Infinite Love that I feel pouring through me as I receive them.  May you all be blessed by Divine Grace and come into deeper and deeper harmony with the Light of Love within you as you read each transmission.
I feel so blessed by this experience and I’m deeply honored to be called to share these messages with all of you.  It is by standing authentically in the Light of Love of our BEings that we are meant to SHINE forth in this world, sharing our hearts and souls in Love Light Truth, and encouraging others to do the same.
If this message moves you, inspires you…lifts you up and resonates with you in some way,
in gratitude, 
I invite you to please share it, in its entirety, along with these paragraphs from me.
Bowing deep…honoring the Light of Love within you, with gratitude…
All LOVE…all the way!
Go Now… And Dance in the Light of Love!
Loving Awareness Life Guide
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